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Moon signs Cavs offer sheet

The Cavs continue to make some interesting moves.  The latest is signing Jamario Moon to an offer sheet.

Although the full details of the offer sheet are unlikely to be
known until Monday, when the contract is submitted to the league
office, sources told that the deal Moon signed Friday spans at
least two years.

The Miami Heat
will have seven days to match the offer once it's formally processed,
but Cleveland would appear to have a good chance of landing Moon given
Miami's well-chronicled desire to avoid new contracts longer than one
year to protect its 2010 salary-cap space.

They traded for Shaq.  Brought in Anthony Parker.  And now, potentially, they've added Moon.  Nice complementary pieces for LeBron… and guys that Cleveland hopes won't choke when it comes time to make some big shots in the playoffs.

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  • Nick

    Fuck Jamario Moon, that prick needs a dentist not a new contract. All u guys on REDSARMY have been goo goo ga ga over this guy from the day his name has been mentioned, but I aint one of them. I wanted Barnes Maggette or Daniels much more than Moon. The guy is decent but I have said from DAY1 that Parker and Moon do not impress me. The Magic and C’s have clearly seperated themselves from the rest of the Eastern Conference and it is now a 2 horse race. We now need another PG and a 4 and a 3 just to round out the roster. No superstars. Moon sucks

  • FSantos33

    Good one lol – Does he really have bad tenth or borderline yellow ones.

  • im with you nick, ive hated the idea of having moon back up pierce all along
    i wouldnt be too disappointed with the roster we have now going into next season pending bringing all of our guys back
    i also woudnt mind at all if the S&T we completed with indiana was tony bill and gabe for quisy and travis denier
    and then have the roster look like this
    big baby
    11th scal
    12th giddens
    13th 14th 15th powe? swift? hudson? fazekas? sweetney?
    is there still room for barnes? lol it will be interesting to see how the roster shapes out

  • FSantos33

    Looks like the Pistons are signing Chris Wlcox. This means one less pursuer for BBD? I hope so, come home BBD come home.

  • IMO all those players make them better, but just in a depth sense. I don’t think Shaq is going to work in that system, but we’re talking about a former MVP so I might as well be wrong (and then I wouldn’t be surprised). Parker isn’t that good, and Moon… well I don’t think he ever played a single minute of D in his career. Plus, they don’t solve their chronic dependence from LBJ, since they aren’t exactly the kind of players you can trust in crunch time (and in fact the strategy at the Raps was “get the ball to Bosh and get the f**k out of the way” 95 times out of 100).

  • K.brown make 4 mill God he should be serving me fries

  • thetitleisours

    Only guys in prison mess around with the “moon”
    They can have him