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Is Your Attitude Controllable Enough to Win a Championship?

Shira Springer has a great interview with the Wallace family in the Sunday Globe:

“Rasheed,’’ she says with a hint of
impatience, “Do you think you can control your temper long enough, for
eight months, to get that championship?’’

going to be nights where I say nothing and there’s going to be nights
where I say a lot,’’ says Rasheed. “I might get a tech one night. I
might not get a tech for a couple games. I can get three techs in a

Fatima fires back, “But can we win a championship with your techs?’’

Rasheed answers, “I did it before. Check my track record.’’

now, Rasheed is enjoying the interrogation, the rising passion on both
sides. He smiles at Fatima, daring her to continue the verbal sparring.

“Your track record was horrible with technicals,’’ says Fatima.

counters, “Whoop-dee-doo. Look how many wins I’ve got. Look how many
years I’ve been in the playoffs. Look how many times I’ve had
successful seasons. Check . . . my . . . track . . . record.’’

Rasheed may be one wild and crazy dude on the court, but you can tell his wife calls the shots at home. At the very least, she keeps the guy in check. I'll side with 'Sheed in this argument. His track record contains a long history of playoff success. Boston will be no different.

The article is a must-read. It's full of interesting info like the Wallace's pedaled their bikes three miles to the hotel where Danny, Wyc and the Big 3 were waiting for their famous meeting. And Danny rode 'Sheed's bike in the hotel parking lot.

Cross the Pistons off the list of teams interested in Glen Davis – Detroit has signed Chris Wilcox.

According to Marc Spears, three teams have approached the Celtics about potential sign-and-trades with BBD, but Ainge has yet to bite.

And there's speculation T.J. Ford might be coming to Boston with Marquis Daniels. I don't see how that is possible since Ford is due $8.775 million this year and has a player option at that number for the following year.

Chad Ford tweeted the deal for Daniels involves Bill Walker, Gabe Pruitt and Tony Allen.

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  • Lex

    Sheed’s wife is rather fetching.

  • We all know the answer at the back-up PG is Dan Dickau……OK not really I was just hoping to get a pic of his wife on the site mmmmmmmmmmm

  • my name

    I checked out on the NBA trade machine what it would take to get TJ Ford from the Pacers, and it would need to be a combination of Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine, gabe Pruitt, JR Giddens, and Bill Walker to get the numbers to almost match up perfectly. But leaving out Walker from the deal works too. So this likely won’t happen, though you never know. Plus if they only signed Daniels to the 1.9 bianual this year instead of involving him in the sign and trade this all could work and you’d have a team of:
    K. Garnett
    P. Pierce
    K. Perkins
    R. Allen
    R. Rondo
    R. Wallace
    TJ Ford
    M. Daniels
    G. Davis
    E. House
    and could fill in the last few spots with summer league guys like, Chris Lofton, Robert Swift, and Nick Fazekas. Not a bad team i’d say

  • bigmck

    The deal makes sense if Indy is absolutely uninterested in paying TJ Ford next season.
    They’ll lose about $5 million in salary (TA and Scal) and have some cheap young players they can retain.

  • i hope bill walker stays with us. I like his potential.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Hudson is much more compelling to me than Walker/Pruit/Giddens so if shipping them alows us to move Scal and esp. T Allen I’m all for it.
    And if your talking potential Powe is the guy we want back on your roster….