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The wild Lamar Odom saga continues

I'm watching the Lamar Odom saga almost as closely as I'm watching for any Celtics news… mainly because getting him back keeps the Lakers as the top seed in the West, while losing him would knock them down a peg or two.

But the latest whirl around hoops web takes us all over the place as far as L.O. goes.

The LA Times reports Lamar has reached out to the Lakers in an effort to repair burned bridges.  But Ric Bucher tweets the Lakers have moved on

Smacks of gamesmanship all around… especially since Miami hasn't officially made an offer.  But as many of you have already said in the comments… and as has been speculated around the league… Portland could be the team that swoops in and makes the offer that Odom has been waiting for.

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  • Lex

    I liked the sound of “moved on” for the reason you cite. On the other hand, moving on probably means david stern forcing a trade of adam morrison for kevin durant.

  • kobe tweeted today that a lamar decision is coming tomorrow.