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Getting to know Marquis Daniels

This is a pretty extensive "Getting to know…" interview with Marquis Daniels last year.

Couple of cool things he talks about:  What it's like to be a dad… how special it was buying his mom a house and a car… and how not being drafted allowed him to see who his true friends were, and how he got rid of some people who "weren't right" for him.

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  • FSantos33

    Retaining Pruitt may be the wise choice as our backup PG because he knows the system and still has lots to proof but I am not a big fan of his. In my opinion he isn’t tough enough and has that ho hmm passive style which I don’t like. Few names got my attention from the free agent list. I am not sure if they are still available. Possible choices to be Celtics backup PG.
    Brevin Knight – Jazz
    Luther Head – Heat
    Anthony Carter – Nuggets
    Tyronn Lue – Magic
    Kareem Rush – 76ers
    Bobby Jackson – Kings
    Rashad McCants – Kings
    Jacque Vaughn – Spurs
    Juan Dixon – Wizards
    Your thoughts….

  • I was watching this last night and noticed he seems like he is laid-back and likes to joke around, but also seems to have a very serious, or “cold” as he puts it, side. He should mesh well with the other Celts. This guys likes to attack the basket and that is just what we need. This is the kind of guy where if Ray is having an off night or in foul trouble even, he can come off the bench and just attack, attack, attack as Tommy would say. There have been some minor off-court things, but we know that w/Doc and the other vets around, this guy will be cool. Man, I think I am even more excited for this season than I was for defending our title last year.The schedule should be coming out in a couple weeks I think…

  • There’s one other to add to that list as of last night: Earl Watson. He is my personal choice. But, I just read that he may already be going to the Pacers(to replace Jarret Jack probably and save them some $)

  • FSantos33

    What’s up Kwapt, yea man I am feeling the same way about the new season. How the hell did the Pacers pick up Watson so fast? Did Bird wait in-front of Earl’s house or what.. lol

  • celticsman18kg

    go c`s

  • thetitleisours

    Anyone ask him about his shotgun tsttoo mentioned on his Wikipedia page? lol

  • I know man! Unreal…they probably caught wind Watson was getting the ax and were ready & waiting

  • this guy, when healthy was the Pacers 2nd best player…I can not figure out y the pacers do not want him…danny granger even called him his right hand man and most reliable teammate, he started ad guarded the opposing teams best player, and if you remember the celtics and pacers matchups this seaso, you remember him causing pierce problems on both ends of the court…love this signing! …
    Few questions would be… can he stay healthy? can he find his role with this team in backup minutes?and can he work on his spot up 3 point shot?

  • frickenWaaaltaaah

    I think the Pacers probably do want to keep him, hence the ‘he’s prepared to sign for the minimum’ angle. The agent wants the Pacers to know they can let him walk for nothing or help him make more money with a sign and trade where they get something in return.
    Obviously he wants more money but the market sucks. But I don’t think he’s bluffing, a minimum deal for a year isn’t so bad on the C’s because he will be in the national spotlight.
    I hope they don’t want Scal, and it doesn’t make much sense for Indy to want him. You don’t do a sign and trade just for an expiring deal because that actually INCREASES your overall spending. If your guy walks you save the most money. To save money by taking expiring deal(s), they have to get the C’s to take at least one other longer-than-one-year contract back as well.
    What makes sense is for the Pacers to ask for two or three young players they might seriously want to keep, or let him walk. If they don’t like any of our young guys they could maybe take Scal and then try to trade him before the deadline, but that’s a 3.5 mil option that might not work out for them.
    Guys have a way of staying healthy when their team is contending! A 3pt shot will take him some time though.