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Get ready for a LeBron-a-thon

While we're all focused on which minimum-wage guard is going to fill our one remaining need on the Celtics, many General Managers around the league have their eyes on Cleveland… because today the Cavs can officially offer LeBron James a contract extension.

At 12:01 a.m. Saturday, the Cavaliers were able to offer LeBron James a
contract extension because July 18 is the three-year anniversary of
when he signed his most recent contract. It is believed the team will
initiate contact soon to formally present an offer, which can be an
extension of up to three years and around $65 million. James still has
an option in his contract for the 2010-11 season, and the Cavs could
offer three years on top of that.

I'm begging LeBron to take the offer for a couple of reasons.  1: It would screw all those other teams that have banked on him opting out.  2: I don't want to see all the media coverage that will follow him if he turns the offer down this summer.  I'm already getting ready for the crush of coverage once they make the official offer.

And this whole "where will LeBron go in 2010" thing is mostly a media creation anyway.  Yes, LeBron has fanned the flames a bit, which is a smart business move.  If he didn't leave that door open, the Cavs would probably open with a "hometown discount" kind of offer.  But since LeBron's stated goal is to become a billionaire, he's got to make sure they come strong right off the bat. 

But no matter how you look at it, staying in Cleveland makes the most sense.

  • Salary

No one can offer him what Cleveland can because they can just give him the max deal… while other teams can only offer what's left under a shrinking salary cap.  Yes, there's a sign-and-trade possibility… but there's almost no way to make that kind of money match… at least not with the teams shedding money for 2010.

  • Endorsements

LeBron is already the league's top pitch-man.  He's the face of the league.  Everyone who knows basketball knows LeBron James.  So the whole "going to New York to increase his exposure" is pure bull.  Maybe that'll work for Brandon Roy some day… but it's silly to think a bigger market will mean bigger deals for LeBron.

On top of that, fans like loyalty.  LeBron can deflect talk of the max contract money by simply saying "I'm from Cleveland… and ultimately I want to bring a championship to my home."  If anything is going to enhance his image, it's that sentiment… not becoming a mercenary and leaving your hometown fans in a lurch.

  • Winning

Cleveland was the #1 seed last year.  They're reloading again and remain one of only 2 or 3 teams in the East with a legitimate shot at a title.  Is he going to go to New York, where they're maybe going fight for one of the last couple of playoff spots?  Is he going to join the Nets and lose just to hang with his boy Jay Z a little more often?  Like he can't do that anyway. 

So brace yourselves for a big manufactured story as this whole "will he or won't he" thing begins.  But while you're watching it… just know that there isn't a single option other than staying in Cleveland that makes sense.

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  • Love the article.
    It makes since for LeBron to stay. I do not like him off the court, but honestly, staying in Cleveland is his best bet. No doubt.

  • Credz22

    If he says no it will be a team distraction but I won’t be able to turn the tv on because of it

  • LeForehead

  • He’s not king of shit, cept being a baby

    Im so sick of this guy! I love this site mainly cause I dont have to look at this asshole when Im here.

  • joe somebody

    I hate LeBron James, just let me say that right off the bat. I will admit that he is a freak of nature and is a great “athlete” not Basketball player. But what i really want to harp on here is how classless the “great” american athletes have become. In the old days you had guys like Jordan, Ripken, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, magic Johnson, Emmitt SMith, and many many more who were class acts all the time. But these days theres only Derek Jeter, Tom Brady and Peyton manning who i can think of that are always classy. the other greats like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, LaDanian Tomlinson, Shaquille Oneal, Manny ramirez, Alex Rodriguez, Terrell Owens, Serena Williams and even lately Tiger Woods with his spoiled antics of tossing clubs when he doesnt play well are not living up to the classy ways they should. I know even in the old days there were greats who were less than steller. But the good ones far outweighed the bad whereas these days i believe it’s the other way around. Maybe i’ve just hit the age where I’ve started becoming an old coot, i’m only 28 though so i doubt it. I just wanted to rant a second so thank you for letting me do that. I know no one will read it but at least i got it off my chest.

  • jg

    sorry your article is wrong about the winning part …. as bad as the knicks and nets are …. take the knicks for example …. top 5 worst teams in basketball .. take LEBRON off the cavs and compare both rosters … am i crazy to say the knicks have more talent?

  • D-rak



    well i dont give a shit where he plays i just wanted to know how much he would be paid to play ,and the author of this story wants him in cleveland so bad he cant stand there as long as they get the rock they dont give a shit wher they play and,neither do i.