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Daniels is great… now what’s next?

Reading through the comments here and elsewhere, I think Celtics fans are universally psyched about Marquis Daniels.  One of the best parts about the deal is the potential for a sign and trade involving Tony Allen and Brian Scalabrine.  Scal makes $3.4 million and TA makes $2.5… which conveniently add up to the mid-level exception type of money Daniels is looking for.  The Pacers, in exchange, get 2 serviceable players with expiring deals that they can ditch after one season… but who won't totally embarrass them this year.

So that would be a good deal… but then what?  There's still business to be done:  bringing back Big Baby, and finding a back up PG. 

I'm willing to wait on the Baby thing.  And really… he'd be a luxury at this point.  But I really don't think he's going to get the money he's looking for.  I think his most realistic contract will ultimately be something close to $3 million or so over a couple of years… maybe with a player option for a 3rd year. 

But we still need someone that is capable of coming in for 20 minutes and distributing the ball.  If Baby comes back, we could have a second unit on the floor of Eddie House, Big Baby, Marquis Daniels, Rasheed Wallace and backup point guard X.  That's a lot of scoring out there.  We don't need much from the PG spot. 

The options are limited.  One of the better options, Earl Watson, was available for like 2 seconds after being waived by OKC.  But he was immediately signed by Indy.  We can look at the list of available free agents… but is there anyone on there that would truly work for us?  Should we go into the season with Gabe Pruitt or Lester Hudson in that slot?  I might be leaning towards the latter at this point… especially if Baby is back and our bench is stacked at every other spot.

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  • priapus81

    Ramon session for back up pg with the bi annual

  • Rondo’s young, he can play lots of minutes. In a pinch, Daniels could actually do the work with Pruitt off the bench. I’d rather them get Daniels with the Bi-Annual exception though, because TA and Scals are valuable expiring contracts when dealing a BYC player like Baby in a S&T. Either way, if Scals is dealt I would expect him to be bought out and return to the team after waiting out the requisite time frame…

  • Jon

    I would love to see the Celtics trade to get back Delonte. The Cavs are said to not being able to pay him with Gibson’s contract. Delonte would solidify the backup PG position, plus he alreadys knows the system.

  • Shawn-cvd

    If we get Big Baby and Delonte back our 2nd unit would be better than our starting unit from the 06-07 seasons, No?!? Well than definitely the 05-06 starters (Truth, Delonte, a young Big Al, Raef and Wally). It’s nice to be an elite team, huh?
    Thank you Danny for restocking my beloved Celtics.

  • DRJ

    Gabe has had his chances and showed us almost nothing. Enough already. Lester looks like he could out-Rondo Rondo… in addition to all his other PG talents, the kid can shoot the ball from anywhere. Smartest thing would be to bring him in and let him develop.

  • thetitleisours

    Agree. House and Daniels can handle it while we see what Hudson has, and it seems he much more to offer than Pruitt in all areas on the game

  • Nick

    fuckin Delonte West won’t ever be back here. The guy is overrated anyways…I love the Daniels signing, other than Matt Barnes and Corey Maggette he is the guy I wanted to backup the 2 all stars. This guy can go for 20 on any given night. 1 more piece and good health assures us the championship.

  • DiP


  • Guys,
    Anthony Carter for the Bi-Annual Exception 😀
    He’s a good PG, who has a decent offensive game (except he’s a pretty crappy shooter, but he will knock down the open jumper), and is a really good passer and is unselfish, he is also an above average defender. And he wouldn’t need to score on the Celtics. I’m not even a Celtics fan too…
    But anyone who says the Celtics could get Ramon Sessions or Delonte West should put down the bong.

  • freakin_Waltahhh

    Marquis sounds like a great pickup but I hope he takes kindof short money and a 1 year deal, and the Pacers will do a sign and trade for Walker or Giddens and Pruit or Hudson. That would be so perfect. Heck a 3-1 for would be cool if they’d do it.
    Then the C’s have transferred bird rights and can sign Marquis to whatever next summer. Then we have room to sign Leon to a minimum 1+1 type deal.

  • paulpcelts@yahoo.com

    You’re missing the point of this signing. Marquis is going to play the point with the second unit. So the C’s don’t need another PG, they are set now. the Back up team will be, Daniels, House, (Walker/Giddens) Davis, Wallace. that’s a perfect team if you ask me.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Hudson! Hudson! Hudson! Hudson!

  • JD

    yeah right… Sessions is an up and coming point guard just like Rondo, he’s going to command a lot more money than that