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Scot Pollard Loves His Ring, But….


Via the Lawrence Journal:

Pollard is not pleased with the way his career came to an end in Boston.

He received a championship ring for a season that ended because of surgery in February.

“I got hurt in September and played until February. They said I
needed surgery. It hurt that they didn’t invite me back for another
year,” said Pollard. “I played hurt all year and then they replaced me.
That’s the business, the NBA. It didn’t hurt my feelings, but it would
have been nice if they said, ‘Let’s pay him back (for playing hurt) and
give the guy an offer.’’’

Pollard is wrong about one thing – it did hurt his feelings. These guys aren't robots. I don't care how many times they say the phrase – "it's a business" – emotions get involved.

Now if you'll excuse me, my Lifetime movie is about to start and I could use a good cry.

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  • thetitleisours

    It was frustrating as when he did play he did show that he could play with the veteran savvy.
    We really could have used him last year

  • I though he played well for us his D on howard would have been nice to see. he would have been way better then MM. I think we missed the boat last year on him Danny should have given him a shot Period!!!!!!!