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Scal to Indy for Marquis Daniels?

Fanhouse is reporting the Celtics are in talks to acquire Marquis Daniels in a sign-and-trade

One of the names being discussed as part of the sign-and-trade is Celtics power forward Brian Scalabrine, who is going into the final year of his contract making $3.5 million.

The sign-and-trade would allow the Celtics to pay him more than the
$1.9 million exception that they would have to use to sign him outright
as an unrestricted free agent. Daniels had been asking teams for
something closer to the mid-level exception.

If that's the deal… then sign me up.  Thanks for everything Scal, enjoy Indiana.  Daniels will fill a lot of needs here.

Update: Marc Spears' latest tweet makes it seem like some form of this is a done deal.

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  • I’m a big Fan of Scallie but, Come this a no Brainer. although he is a great 12th man/starter.

  • who da guy

    man that would be great!

  • bird would get killed for adding more white men

  • Lex

    Thanks, RA, for keeping Celtics nation informed. I just checked my sources and nobody else is talkin’ it about it. Now, having said all that, isn’t MD just a smidgen taller than TA?

  • Also this non drinking stuff is pissing me of although I have dropped 22 LBS. I can see why Vin had a hard time. I may be tougher than I thought Like take tonight it’s warm out…….. That’s great reason to drink!!!!!!tomm I have a cook out to go even better reason to drink!!!!!!! I know Miller Light stock has to be down. Anyways can’t remember where I was going with this But maybe my comments about Vin were a bit Harsh but then again maybe not, he was getting paid Millions and I’m not. Who knows I love beer and I’m still going to stay dry to prove that Vin threw it away. Everyone drink heavy tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FSantos33

    I think the media pissed Bird off last week so he is going all out. Don’t be surprised 12 white men on the Pacers (They already have 7 I believe). Whoa

  • THIS IS HUGE!! whats with LB and all the crackers he’s accumulating?

  • mark

    i love scal but daniel is a better fit to my champs cs go kg sheeddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  • He’s 6’6″… so he might be a little on the smallish side for a 3… but only a little. He can play the 3… the 2… and in a pinch bring the ball up.

  • Paul

    this is huge, our bench went from a liability to the best in the league pending we keep baby.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    This would be great. Then ship TA off for some point guard, and wait for the all-star break for 1 or 2 additions.
    We would have to sign Swift too…isn’t there a mandatory white guy rule? I thought thats why we kept Scal anyway.

  • Lex

    Cool. Thanks again.

  • JD

    and MD has a brain, which is one of the big things that TA lacks.

  • yea we ARE the celtics, we probably should sign swift, fazekas, and that mullins kid to round out our roster and get our quota back up


    GO C`s 09-10 CHAMPS