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DWade recruiting Odom

Wade odom

Dwyane Wade willed the Heat to a better performance last season than anyone expected.  Now he wants to go from playoff team to contender… and LaMar Odom is one of the missing pieces for him.  So he's going out and actively recruiting him.

“I want Lamar to do what’s best for him and his family because we love him
as family, but on the other hand, we want him back home, to come home,” Wade
said Friday in a telephone interview. “His house is still there. It’d be
exciting to see what happens.

Odom would be a great help to the Heat.  Not enough to get them over the top and past Cleveland or Boston… but it would make them a threat.  So since that's the case… and since losing him would cost the Lakers dearly… I'd be happy to see Odom go to Miami

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  • DRJ

    Odom rejected 9-10m/year from the Lakers… he’s not gonna take 5-6m/year from the Heat (which is the most they can offer). Not unless he’s suffering from sugar-induced psychosis or something. I expect Odom will get a serious big offer from Portland any day now, which he will probably take.

  • Miami is trying to impress dwyane wade by being iterested in odom and boozer, yet they arent putting their money where there mouth is, so its irrelevant

  • JD

    I think the difference is LA is only offering him a three year deal, where as Miami is apparently going to offer him a 5-6 year deal, which would make Odom set for the rest of his career.

  • FSantos33

    Anyone want to entertain rolling the dice on A. Stoudemire? How about a sign n trade with BBD, picks, cash and expiring contracts to the Suns? Kerr will probably laugh Ainge off the phone but I think it’s riskier for the Celtics to make this deal. Stoudemire hasn’t proofed that he is healthy to play yet (EYE and Knee Surgeries) and Salaries may not match. I am not a huge fan of A.S. but just the sake of conversation and entertaining this idea. Add a healthy A.S. to our front-line with KG, Sheed and Perk. Whoa – Sounds pretty damn good to me… huhh.
    DRJ: Portland may come knocking soon on L.O.’s door but in my opinion I think they will go for a “Bunt” instead of the home run ball this time. They have 8 mill to shed, they can pay BBD 4 mill and add another player for 4 more mill. Just saying you know.

  • FSantos33

    Maybe Ainge is plotting secret master plan offer sheet to Odom as we speak. No? Zero chance? Maybe 5% chance? Who knows. lol

  • Jon

    I agree that they are just making a very vocal attempt to appease Wade but the whole no taxes thing in Florida must be pretty appealing. The article says Odom’s offer could be 5 yrs/35 mil. Maybe $7 mil a year with no taxes is the same as $9-$10 mil with California taxes. As far as the Boozer trade, the infamous Grizzlies are involved so who knows how easy they’ll make it for the Heat. I’ve read Haslem to the Jazz, Dorell Wright to the Grizz and picks and cash. That sounds like a pretty good deal for Miami. We’ll see if they actually make it all happen, but I don’t think it’s too far fetched that they could pull it off.

  • DRJ

    I wouldn’t want either Odom or Amare in Boston. Attitudes/personalities not right for this team. (‘Sides, Amare’s going blind and Odom’s gonna die of diabetes one of these days 🙂