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Market shriveling for Big Baby

Pierce at summer leauge
Paul Pierce takes in a game at the Las Vegas Summer League. (Getty Images photo)

Looks like the Glen Davis saga has become the story of the moment.  And it looks like the market for him has shriveled.  It's starting to look like the big spenders have already spent their cash… so perhaps the only way for Glen to get his big payday is a sign and trade.  But as the talks to get Jamario Moon showed… the economy isn't the only thing holding Baby back.

The plan never got off the ground because both young players fall into a dreaded category known as base-year compensation.

With both coming out of their respective first contracts, only half
of the money in the first year of their new deals could be used as a
match for trade purposes. In turn, a match wasn’t able to work because
both the first-year salaries of Davis and Moon are expected to differ.

One intent of the base-year compensation rule was to discourage
young players from leaving their original teams, and that aim appears
to be limiting Davis now.

There's still one more big spender out there… Dallas.  They've got all the money they were ready to give to Marcin Gortat… BUT… they've said in the past they didn't want Big Baby.  Of course, that was said before Orlando screwed them. 

And Glen Davis isn't the only Celtics player that's getting stung by a bad economy.  Rajon Rondo might have a rough restricted free agent road ahead of him next season… making you wonder if Rajon's agent might see the writing on the wall and realize his best chance for a big payday is to stay in Boston.  

I'll take that a step further.  The bad NBA economy could benefit ANY team with guys who are ready to bolt (I'm looking at you, LeBron, DWade, Bosh… etc).  If teams have less cap space than they though while their current teams can spend whatever they want… why would you leave?  I'd expect next summer to be very underwhelming.

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