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Jazz match Millsap offer

Guess Portland's "toxic" offer to Paul Millsap wasn't toxic enough.

The Utah Jazz will match the four-year, $32 million offer the Portland Trail Blazers tendered their restricted free agent Paul Millsap, the team posted on its Web site and a league source confirmed to ESPN.com Thursday evening.

the terms of the contract, the Jazz, which stated all summer that it
would match any offer Millsap received, will have to pay the
24-year-old forward $10.3 million this weekend. Portland had
front-loaded the contract to discourage Utah from matching.

A formal announcement was scheduled for Friday, the last day Utah can match the Portland offer.

This could be good because it might mean the Trailblazers go for Lamar Odom.  I don't get why they wouldn't lure a key piece away from a team above them in the standings.  I'm not alone in thinking that losing Odom and Trevor Ariza is too much subtraction… and it more than offsets the addition of Ron Artest.

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  • JD

    Losing Odom and Ariza is clearly subtraction and anyone who contends otherwise is an idiot. Its certainly as bad as the Celtics losing James Posey, probably worse.

  • FSantos33

    I hope my prediction doesn’t come true but this is what I said in the last post. It makes business sense for portland.
    FSantos33 said…
    Utah matched Portland’s offer for Milsup. I predict Portland will go after Big Baby instead of the popular and much more expensive Odom. Eventually L.O. will crawl back to the Lakers.

  • maybe brings a s&t of big baby for travis outlaw? maybe? i can hope

  • Shawn-cvd

    Sign and trade only way to roll w/ Portland should it come to that. I’m still surprised they won’t go after Odom. They lost out on Turk, then Millsap and now Odom is STILL just waiting there. Let us keep Baby and have Portland cut off the Lakers at the knees…

  • FSantos33

    I like your thinking. Toxic offer L.O. can’t refuse? Leave Baby alone.

  • DRJ

    Have to disagree — losing Ariza in return for Artest is ALREADY a big step down. Ariza is a great defender and rapidly improving and just turned 24. Artest is a great defender, shot a miserable 32% or so in the playoffs, and at 30, already on the downslope. The Lakers are already worse then they were before they lost Ariza. If they lose Odom too… fuggetaboutit… they’re toast.

  • DRJ

    Oh and — there is no way Portland is going to set their sights on Baby Davis. Now way in hell. They’re looking to hit a home run here… Turk, Millsap… guys they think will take them to another level. Not Big Baby Davis, uh uh, he’s not in that league. The only clear difference maker left for them is Lamar Odom, who is not only a great player (when he wants to be) but brings the added benefit of severely diminishing their most dangerous Western opponent.
    Looks to me like Buss is going to lose this hand.

  • Jon

    Some other Big Baby news from Marc Stein at ESPN:
    “It’s believed that the Pistons, as of Thursday, have Rasho Nesterovic and Chris Wilcox ahead of Drew Gooden as their next free-agent targets, since it appears that they can’t assemble an offer sheet rich enough for Glen Davis to keep the Boston Celtics from matching.”

  • domz

    talking about threat if odom returns? and lets see if artest addition is a BIG step down.

  • AMP

    Much worse!