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Boston was Marbury’s favorite

Stephon Marbury, aka @StarburyMarbury in Twitter world, is back to tweeting.  In one exchange, he reveals his feelings for Boston.

From: @NYTC95
@StarburyMarbury man i was just wondering Steph, since the first day u were in the NBA, wat has been ur favorite Jersey to wear?

From: @StarburyMarbury

Marbury also said what I think most of us already knew:

@uno_sorry my man i wanted to come back to the celts but its just not going to work out

He made a few "business is business" type of references to insinuate that he's willing to play overseas if he has to.  He also, once again, took time out to reply to a lot of tweets.  He's been good that way since he's been on Twitter… which is what it's all about.

I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Marbury era in Boston… however brief it was.  Too bad it didn't work out better for him… and us

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  • Hell yes-Marbury was classy (yeah, I said it) his whole, albeit short, time here. One of the 1st nights he played here, I got to say what’s up to him on his way out of the Garden. He stopped and shook my hand and was very pleasant as I told him I was glad he came here and welcome. He finally started to really show shades of his game in the Magic series too. As I Tweeted to him earlier, good luck and Godspeed Steph.

  • Shawn-cvd

    If DA has the Bucks trade in mind I’m saddened Starbury wouldn’t bite for our 1.9 million bi annual exception. He’d get a shot at the ring and a much needed chance to complete his redemption tour. Next summer he could then fetch 2-4 million for two to three more years on a contender or as a starter elsewhere. We obviously don’t have much and our 1.9 mil is best served finding Posey’s successor but Starbury would absolutely solve our back up PG need…
    He definitely extended our series against Orlando with that brilliant fourth quarter in that pivotal Game 5.
    It’s nice to here the personal story KWAPT…