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Boozer and Odom in Miami?

If this rumor comes true… I think it might be enough to leapfrog Orlando in the standings.

the Heat are working furiously to deliver Lamar Odom and Carlos Boozer and
to the shores of Biscayne Bay. The Heat are trying to sell Odom on a
five-year, $34 million contract at the mid-level exception, and a
league executive with knowledge of the talks says Miami has also
hatched a three-way proposal with the Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies
to secure Boozer.

What about the Memphis Grizzlies?  They're the NBA's equivalent of the "easy" girl in high school.  She so desperately wants to be running with the big time crowd… but keeps going about it the wrong way.  In the end, everyone uses her to get what they want… and then they dump her and leave her broken down and feeling worse than before.  It's like everyone in the NBA is now trying to see what kind of screwed up thing they can get Memphis to do. 

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  • G4L

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.. I LOVE YOUR FREAKING ANALOGIES! Great stuff!

  • G4L

    BTW Great job on keeping us updated on whats going on around the NBA! You’ve guys have really stepped it up!

  • Thanks… on both counts. Gotta keep it fresh and keep an eye on the other teams.

  • Typical Chris Wallace. Luckily he is in Boston no more.

  • enough to pass orlando?
    no, probably not…Orlando is the team to beat and best team in the east right now…thats the way it is when you are the defending eastern conf champs, until proven otherwise

  • so the rays are the team to beat in the american league? and the cardinals are the team to beat in the nfc? are the cubs the team to beat in the national league central?
    defending champs doesn’t mean shit, it doesnt mean your volted above everyone just because you beat them last year, i don’t even think orlando fans would be confident going against a healthy boston team, it took them 7 games to beat us without kg, and pierce ray and rondo played like ass the whole series
    a starting lineup of chalmers, wade, odem, boozer, and o’neal would definitely compete with orlando especially with guys like beasley jones quinn and everyone’s favorite obseesion around here moon coming off the bench
    plus they could potentially move o’neal’s contract to get another key piece

  • Credz22

    I think it’s enough to pass Orlando last season wade led Miami to the 5 seed with nobody else if he has boozer and odom they can pass Orlando

  • Credz22

    Sorry I forgot about oneal but he was injured a lot and was only there or half of the season

  • nick

    Well said Papa Irish, True Story. Being defending Chamos doesn’t mean shit. The C’s in the playoffs weren’t the team 2 beat without K.G as much as it hurts to say it.

  • nick

    AHHHHHHHH WTF I knew this shit was gona happen fucking B.S FUCK MY LIFE. My only solace is that they already have Pietrus, and Barnes would have been so important to us, because we do not have anyone like him. Barnes is definitely better than Pietrus though. I dont know what the fuck Ainge is doing. As of right now Orlando is looking really fucking good and quite young! All their key guys are in their 20’s. We need to act fast. Besides wanting Barnes i have ben clamoring for Corey Maggette for months! The guy is a tr8 up scoring machine and would be one of the greatest 6th men in Celtics history. He can score just as much as Pierce or Ray. I guess Ainge wants to be methodical in how he assembles this team, maybe thinking he can get a bargaing in late August like he got with Posey 2 years ago, but he might be watching our best options get scooped up in the process. As of right now the Magic have a deeper team than us. that could change but right now our best chance of taking them out in a 7game series, is to be healthy!!, and to have the Beast give Howard fits again. Our Big 3 still gives us an advantage over them, but we need a 4 or 5 to be the 4th big, a point guard, and a backup for Pierce and Ray. Judging by whats out there, unless he thinks Moon is better than Barnes he must be plotting something. Pierce is still better than Lewis or any of there 2’s and threes, but they can throw Barnes,Pietrus, or Lewis to cover Pierce and hope he gets tired out. We have no depth and we are lacking that luxury. As of right now Cleveland isn’t really even close to Boston or Orlando. I put the Cavs more with the Wiz,Bulls,Toronto,Detroit and Atlanta than with us and the Magic. Shaq and Anthony Parker just don’t impress me and I think Mo Williams and Delonte both had career years and will be figured out this year, it was an abberation for them both. Celtics Magic collision course, although Lebron could always average 42 12 and 8 for a series and shut me the fuck up. Which is another reason why we need someone who can successfully spell Paul Pierce and Ray Allen!

  • The season hasnt even started… Yes Before the season started the Rays were the team to beat in the american league…thats pretty simple to understand…by the NBA all star break we will have a new outlook on who the teams to beat are, as of now its orlando in the east, and I dont see a logical argumet that could debate this other then blatat homerism. we cant just sit here and mark a hypothetical team ahead of the defending EC champs before we put them ahead of us or cleveland…makes no sense…
    we cant sit here now and act like we are the best team in the east before we go out there and prove it

  • Barnes is not better then pietrus nick

  • G4L

    I agree. Pietrus is a better Overall player.

  • seriously. the grizzlies need to fold up shop. Chris Wallace set our franchise back. Now he spends his days help other teams get better.