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“We’re planning on having Glen back”

Wyc and danny Both Danny Ainge and Wyc Grousbeck came out yesterday and said Glen Davis is part of the Celtics future plans.

First Danny in today's Globe:

“We like him and want him back,’’ Ainge said about Davis. “We’re trying to get Glen back. We’re planning on having Glen back.’’

Then Wyc on WEEI:

“We are continuing to try to do everything we can to win Banner 18,”
Grousbeck said. “We’re looking at our roster and figuring out what
other help we need at which positions…

… “We’d love to have Baby back"

The C's have said they'd match reasonable offers for Baby.  So unless someone splurges and throws a full MLE at him, it looks like the C's are prepared to stand by their words and bring him back.  But that's still not enough to address every one of our needs.  Danny reiterated that the team is not done making moves.

“Our options are somewhat limited.
We still feel like we can help our team. We are exploring trades and
free agency. Right now in free agency, there are still a lot of guys

That's nothing new.  Neither is the notion that the young guys in the summer league were fighting for spots.  But Wyc reiterated that yesterday too.

“I think we liked seeing Lester Hudson and Billy (Walker) and J.R.
(Giddens) and the other guys on the roster,” he said. “Some of them
will make the team and some won’t.”

I don't know what the coaches saw in those 3 this summer… but I will say I've heard good things about Giddens and Hudson, but nothing about Walker.  What does that mean?  That he's struggling?  That the team is talking up the other guys for a trade?

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  • Lex

    Indirect hat tip. One of your links led me to a bunch of faker fans ragging on each other. Priceless. I’m using it on my blog. Have a good one.

  • thetitleisours

    I do hope we keep him. Baby can wear opponents out with that body. I think his height limits him to some matchups however. I think Ainge is correct on his value