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Summer league means nothing

Anthony randolph If I've said it once, I've said it a million times:  summer league means nothing.  The latest illustration of this comes to us courtesy of Anthony Randolph… who dropped 42 points last night for the Warriors in Vegas.

Is it impressive?  Yes… until you see that he matched a LVSL record held by Von Wafer and Marcus Banks

Now… don't get me wrong.  This very well could be the beginning of something big for Anthony Randolph.  He was a rookie last year and he didn't do much.  Maybe he's figuring something out and this is a case of him just being too good for the summer league competition. 

But my point is that people shouldn't get too giddy about Randolph… or anyone else… going nuts in these games.  The rosters are full of end-of-the-bench guys who not only haven't been good enough to contribute on an NBA team… they're playing a more individual style of basketball in hopes of doing something spectacular and getting noticed.  This isn't NBA basketball we're watching.  It's barely D-League basketball.

Getting excited about these guys now is like NFL GM's getting excited about the workout warriors at the combine.  We so far removed from the real competition… and the conditions are so different… it's almost impossible to get a true read on why some guys are doing so well.

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  • FSantos33

    Yes, summer league doesn’t mean anything but 42 is 42. I live in the Bay Area I’ve seen A.R. since he was drafted by the W’s. My first impression was this kid is going to be the next Chris Bosh “Type” of player. I still believe it but unfortunately he is under the watch of loser coach Nelson. I predict a breakout season for A.R. if he can stay healthy.

  • Yes… 42 points is nice. It’s a hell of a game to have at any level. Shit.. I sill brag about scoring 40 in some random men’s league 10 years ago. But that’s not an indicator of much.
    He might break out and be awesome. That would be great for him. But other guys have had big summer league games and done squat in the real games.

  • FSantos33

    What are you saying Marcus Banks isn’t awesome? LOL
    Ok, Reds lets keep an eye on A.R. season. He has the potential to be a “Bosh” or “L.O.” lefty type player. G.S. has a team option (2 mill) next year 2010 – 2011… I hope Ainge can trade for him.
    Damn, I am starting to sound like Nick talking about Matt Barnes now…. LOL

  • G4L

    No Nick takes it to a nother Level with Barnes. Lucky for him I think Barnes the last option for the C’s.

  • FSantos33

    Oh man, he is going to write you a hate post in less than half hour. LOL

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Im all for Barnes too, but if we can’t grab him, how about Bowen. Looks like the Bucks will release him on August 1st, and his salary will drop to 2 mil. We could use the Bi-annual to pick him up? Older, but a good defender, should be able to hit the 3-ball still…like PoZ use too. A bench with Wallace, Bowen, House and BBD looks pretty good to me.

  • regardless of whether he put up 42 in a summer league game or not anthony is going to be a star; and i think the 42 points meant something to von wafer’s career seeing as how it was a big part of why the rockets picked him up off waivers, leading to him having a solid season in the NBA rather than competing in the D league

  • Why wouldt you be giddy if you were a Warriors fan? cautiously giddy, but hes obviously better then anyone on our summer league team…i would be optimistic about this kid if he was a celt