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Richard Jefferson Makes Smart Financial Decision


Via the NY Post:

Former New Jersey Net star Richard Jefferson bailed on his stunning
fiancée — pulling the plug on his posh Manhattan wedding at the 11th
hour without even alerting some of the guests, The Post has learned.

The cold-footed forward's decision to ditch onetime Net dancer
Kesha Ni'Cole Nichols was so last-minute that some of his oblivious
friends had already shown up last Saturday at the swank Mandarin
Oriental in Columbus Circle for the $2 million wedding that never

I'm going to side with Richard Jefferson in this one. This former Nets dancer may have a rockin' body, but she has a bit of crazy in those eyes. The last minute ditch probably saved him about $20 million in the long run.

How did Jefferson make it up to his boys who were already at the hotel? He threw them his Black AMEX card for the night. I think they'll forgive him.

Update: Hotter pictures (courtesy of With Leather) of Kesha…after the jump.




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  • FSantos33

    Great move R.J. – He realized what’s in those eyes ($) ($)
    Keeping BBD would be wise thereafter get a wing player via free agency or trade expiring contracts for someone then we are almost there.

  • G4L

    I need some friends like RJ.

  • She’s actually kinda boney and probably looks a wreck without that cake-face on. RJ can do much better than that. Plus those little dogs are a tell-tale sign of a gold-digger…

  • especially when they’re dressed in matching outfits.

  • Ha! You said it…

  • First off, that girl is hot as hell. Slightly surprised she didn’t make the contest.
    That said, he most definitely saved himself some cash in the long run. And he most certainly will have plenty of amazing options in Texas. Why limit yourself?