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Matt Barnes to Orlando?

Oh jeez… the Magic are close to landing Matt Barnes.  Let's start the crying in the comments. 

Nick… you're up.

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  • Let’s hope it doesn’t happen. But if it does, wtf Danny?! Someone’s going to have to send 2 Staties in full dress-blues to Nick’s house to break the news…

  • Knock knock knock…”Yes..?” “are you Mr. Nick Smith..?” “yes-what’s going on officer..?” “Have a seat sir..” “We learned at 1045pm this evening that Matt Barnes has signed with the Orlando Magic…” “sir, are you ok..?” “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” trying to make light of it… 🙂

  • doesnt suprise me, heard he doesnt want to play in a cold city, so orlando is ideal for him… but its also not official (but what an offseason theyve had if it is)
    Matt Barnes hasnt played like he did in that Dallas/Golden state series in 2 years..he was on a stacked Phoenix team last year and they didnt make the playoffs…its not be all end all nice …nick seems to think

  • G4L

    Well theres only 2 thing to do now..
    1) pray for Nick.. hopefully he’ll make it
    2) Land Moon!

  • Danny can start signing wing players any time now…any time now….

  • EXACTLY! wtf’s he waiting on..?? Unless he knows something we don’t..(probably not) I agree with G4L-we need to grab Moon if Barnes is gone-Moon is the last legit wing player that I can think of..

  • if no one here’s from nick in 48 hours i think we are gonna have to start a search party…. it might smell trouble lol
    danny must just not like barnes, he has had ample opportunity to sign him
    and im really not feeling moon being the answer at backup 3, hopefully there is a sign and trade or something else in the works

  • FSantos33

    Don’t believe the hype Nick everything will be alright… In the name of the Father and the son and the Holy Spirit Amen.

  • Jon

    since we’d most likely have to trade for Moon, it’s hard to say at this point if it’s worth going for him. It all depends on the players involved.
    Some more stats for the doubters though, just for fun: Over the last 2 seasons Moon has started 75 out of 78 games and 60 out of 80, including 21 of 26 when he got to Miami (if anyone’s wondering Barnes started 18 of 73 and 39 of 77). So basically Moon was a starter for 2 playoff teams (TOR in 07-08 and MIA in 08-09), but he’s not good enough to be a backup on ours? I don’t see what the apprehension is. If we’re going to be making trades, then there are obviously sexier options out there but the idea that Moon is a “scrub” or a “loser” is just plain wrong. He’s the same type of guy as Ariza and Dahntay Jones and everybody wanted them and that’s why Ainge wants him. This officially concludes my attempts to prove that Moon is a good fit for this team. There’s nothing more to be said except thanks for putting up with me and Go C’s!

  • the reasoning that moon is better than barnes because he has started more games than him is flawed in almost every way possible
    he must be better than manu ginobili and jason terry too, they dont get a lot of starts, the thing is the past two years matt barnes has played behind stephen jackson, monte ellis, jason richardson, leandro barbosa, grant hill, and some other really talented guys, while moon was pushed into the starting role in toronto because there other small forwards were play parker or bargini out of position or start joey graham, and in miami it was him a hurt james jones (who took his minutes in the playoffs) yahkoubi diawara or dorell wright, yea i think matt barnes would start for that team too
    ariza is 25 with some upside, moon is almost thirty and very nearing the back nine, its not hard to see why it took him so long to break into the league

  • Danno

    Let’s start the crying in the comments.
    Nick… you’re up.

  • thetitleisours

    Well there is no doubt his blood is green!
    Ah, just found a video of him here 😉

  • Nick

    AHHHHHHHH WTF I knew this shit was gona happen fucking B.S FUCK MY LIFE.My only solace is that they already have Pietrus, and Barnes would have been so important to us, because we do not have anyone like him. Barnes is definitely better than Pietrus though. I dont know what the fuck Ainge is doing. As of right now Orlando is looking really fucking good and quite young! All their key guys are in their 20’s. We need to act fast. Besides wanting Barnes i have ben clamoring for Corey Maggette for months! The guy is a tr8 up scoring machine and would be one of the greatest 6th men in Celtics history. He can score just as much as Pierce or Ray. I guess Ainge wants to be methodical in how he assembles this team, maybe thinking he can get a bargaing in late August like he got with Posey 2 years ago, but he might be watching our best options get scooped up in the process. As of right now the Magic have a deeper team than us. that could change but right now our best chance of taking them out in a 7game series, is to be healthy!!, and to have the Beast give Howard fits again. Our Big 3 still gives us an advantage over them, but we need a 4 or 5 to be the 4th big, a point guard, and a backup for Pierce and Ray. Judging by whats out there, unless he thinks Moon is better than Barnes he must be plotting something. Pierce is still better than Lewis or any of there 2’s and threes, but they can throw Barnes,Pietrus, or Lewis to cover Pierce and hope he gets tired out. We have no depth and we are lacking that luxury. As of right now Cleveland isn’t really even close to Boston or Orlando. I put the Cavs more with the Wiz,Bulls,Toronto,Detroit and Atlanta than with us and the Magic. Shaq and Anthony Parker just don’t impress me and I think Mo Williams and Delonte both had career years and will be figured out this year, it was an abberation for them both. Celtics Magic collision course, although Lebron could always average 42 12 and 8 for a series and shut me the fuck up. Which is another reason why we need someone who can successfully spell Paul Pierce and Ray Allen!

  • Nick

    I cant breathe.. the walls are closing in…Stop yelling at me….AHHHHHHHHHH. WHYYYY. Seriously y is Ainge doing this shit, Just sign the fucking guy its quite obvious that he is needed. This is just crazy man. Im gona go watchi Dawson’s Creek and then my 2007-08 title DVD.

  • Jon

    I’ve said since the start that Moon is a better fit “for our team” than Barnes and they are similar players. I’m just trying to put in perspective that Barnes is barely better, if at all. The fact that Moon was a starter for 2 different teams is relevant to my point that he is a decent NBA player. Guys with no talent don’t start, period. Bringing up Ginobili and Terry is flawed. I’m trying to show that Moon doesn’t suck, not compare him to various 6th men around the league. Also Moon got hurt and was shut down for the season, Jones didn’t take his minutes in the playoffs. Yes it took him a long time to get into the league. Barnes has been in for 6 years and they’re in the same situation and will probably get around the same type of money. It’s not hard to see that Barnes isn’t the answer to our dreams.