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Jamario Moon wants in

At least he does if you believe the New Jersey Star Ledger (emphasis mine).

In fact, among the desirable frontcourt free agents remaining —
Lamar Odom, Marvin Williams, David Lee, Jamario Moon, Marquis Daniels,
Linas Kleiza — they're not in play for any of them, we're told,
because they don't want to add payroll, and they don't see anyone who
is cost-effective.

We already know what's going to happen with a few of these guys.
Marvin's a likely one-year qualifier. Lee has an inflated sense of his
value and will also go one year and turn unrestricted. Moon, we hear,
wants to be in Boston.
Odom is going to have to settle for Shawn
Marion/Paul Millsap money. Daniels is probably a better guy and a
better player than the Nets think, but he's not someone in which they'd
invest starter's money. Kleiza also thinks the market is softer than it
really is, but he's probably the best candidate out of this group.

Gotta give credit where credit is due… WEEI's Jess Camerato brought Moon up first when she joined us on The Two Man Game earlier this month.  I think as far as minimum-wage options at the wing go, Moon is a good choice. 

(Via CelticsBlog)

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  • Nick

    I have been a little bit critical of Moon over the past few weeks, and I feel bad about it. I actually like the guys game and his 3 point shooting has improved. I just really like Matt Barnes and Corey Maggette and I hope one of them winds up as the backup for the 2/3 spot. People aren’t realizing just how important it is. Pierce and Ray are both gona get about 33 minutes a game each this year because Doc needs 2 have a healthy team for playoffs after what happened last year. That means someone could get 30 minutes per night backing up the 2 of them, if they backed them up exclusively. Corey Maggette is a scoring machine, and as bad of a reputation as he’s got, I have an obsession with guys who can just score no matter what. Al Jefferson and Corey Maggette are the 2 most underates offensive players in the league in my opinion. I still want Matt Barnes but if that don’t work out and Maggette can’t be dealt for. We could do worse than Jamario Moon I believe. I just really feel that Danny has something up his sleeve, because you can say what you want about waiting for the market and all that bullshit, but if Ainge wanted Barnes or another similar guy, they would have been signed by now for the 1.9 mill. I think he’s planning something insane and he is sitting in the deepest darkest corners of the Garden plotting what he can do to trump all of the other big offseason moves. I still am not surprised if Ray Allen gets traded. I don’t think Ainge is completely comfortable with the roster right now and Ray is the most likely to go.

  • FSantos33

    Well, you can forget about Cory he is making 10 per. Barnes and Moon I don’t mind at all. Think Ainge is sitting back in a dark corner plotting a blockbuster deal? I don’t know about all that but expect the unexpected that’s what I would suggest. You never know what Ainge is up to. He used to play baseball so from now until the season opener it’s like suicide squeeze with the bases loaded and Danny is at the plate. A move here and a move there can make all the difference. Lets go DA!

  • FSantos33

    I am just out of gas thinking of possible moves the Celtics could make. We should get paid for being fans.. they could be stealing our ideas.. kidding kidding. If Danny Ainge had a twitter account what would he call it as a decoy screen name “DABluejay”