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Ike Diogu?

RedsArmyAdmin July 15, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Ike Diogu?

This isn't the first time his name's come up… but the Celtics are apparently one of 10 teams that have shown at least some interest in Ike Diogu.

I think Ike's a back up plan in case someone tosses a full MLE at Baby.  I don't expect to see him in Green.

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  • that doesnt make sense with them planning on having baby back

  • It’s gotta be a “just in case.” They won’t bring Baby back at the full MLE. They might be looking for other options just in case someone overpays

  • thetitleisours

    I wonder how long we will have to wait until we make another move?

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if Danny is waiting to scout the summer leagues before figuring out who gets his next offer.
    Why is everyone in such a hurry for the next move? There was an early flurry… and now everyone’s sifting through what’s left. It’s a time consuming process.
    Let the Vegas summer league run its course… then Danny will figure out which FA to make an offer to or which team might have a tradeable asset.

  • Nick

    I gota say I absolutely love this move if we can get Ike Diogu on the cheap. This guy reminds me of a young Al Jefferson, and simply put.. he is a flat out scoring machine. He’s a tad small to play the 4, but he can post up and score on anybody at any time. He lacked a lot of commitment early on in his career which is why he’s played for 4 teams already and been traded so much. I just gota say, I ‘de love to keep Big Baby, but I have NO PROBLEM at all with Ike Diogu being the 4th big man. The guy has a shitload of potential and I can see him a lot like Big Al in his rookie year, coming off of the bench and having 7 points and 7 rebounds in about 6 minutes and U don’t even realize it because they both play a very slow deliberate game. I’ll say 1 thing this guy does better than BigBaby is create his own shots. A straight up beast in the post. A lot of what Baby and Powe have done is a product of playing with such studs. I like them both but thats the reality of it. Ike Diogu is a better offensive player than either of them, and he can rebound. Defense is shaky but as we all know playing next to K.G Perk or Sheed can mask that quickly.

  • Matt

    You did hear that Jamario Moon has said that he wants to be on the Celtics right?

  • yes and i dont like it one bit

  • id take diogu at the vets min if we cant have baby back, but i wouldnt sign anybody besides baby that may stop us from bringing powe back in february
    a healthy Powe is a better fit for this team than any other free agent on the market right now
    Plus powe can handle any minutes doc throws at him without missing a beat, thats a pretty unique trait, powe is the only guy that we’ve had in a long time who’s play has suffered because of the minutes he plays, the guy doesnt let the minutes he gets affect his game, the same cant be said for many other guys
    there is a big dip in big baby’s game when he doesn’t get steady minutes, the same could be said for almost every player in the NBA, but not powe
    if he is healthy that would be a great plus for this team, especially considering our 4th is not going to get steady minutes at all with perk sheed and kg

  • thetitleisours

    I suppose I remember last year when it seems like we lost out on the better FA and I fear it will happen again. But there does seem to more bodies with not that much to separate them so something will happen.
    Offseason is tough! lol