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Eddy Curry Continues to Embarrass Himself

Via the NY Daily News:

None other than Garden chairman James Dolan was on hand to see one of his biggest investments, Eddy Curry, prove that he is ready to resurrect his career.

And here's the show Curry gave his boss: He forgot to bring his sneakers. That's like Alex Rodriguez showing up for the Home Run Derby without his bat.

Other than dropping a few pounds, Curry failed to make much of an impression during his two-day visit with the Knicks' top executives.

He didn't scrimmage with the rookies and free agents and barely broke a sweat during his light – emphasis on the word light – workout at a local high school. Mostly, Curry looked disinterested and eager to get out of town.

The good news Knicks fans – this fat tub of wasted talent is on your books for only two more seasons.

Speaking of the Vegas Summer League, I'm told Paul Pierce made an appearance this afternoon.

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  • there is a rumor that ainge is talking to milwaukee about a trade of scal and pruitt for bowen and luke mbah moute
    interesting to say the least, he could of had luke over giddens and walker in last years draft, he is giving up a valuable trade asset in scal’s expiring contract and this trade makes us really wing heavy and leaves us short at the point position
    i only see this happening if danny trades a combination of ta, jr, and bill in another trade

  • G4L

    I love Luke Mbah moute’s game(albeit the small sample of games I’ve seen). If we could make a deal with him in it I’m all for it.

  • JD

    If that trade goes down, I’d be pretty happy. Bowen can still contribute, especially considering that he’ll be playing less minutes this year than he did last year. And if I remember correctly, Mbah Moute is a young, versatile 3/4 player who would be great coming off the bench.