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Tracy McGrady’s noble gesture

Tmac You'll notice something different about Tracy McGrady this season.  He's switching his jersey number from #1 to #3.  And he's got a pretty good reason for the switch.

McGrady wore No. 3 in high school. He is making the switch to promote his
humanitarian efforts in the Darfur region of the Sudan and a documentary on his
summer 2007 visits to refugee camps in the region. The documentary, “3
Points,” is set for release this fall. The title refers to goals of peace,
protection and punishment.

Newly signed Trevor Ariza will get #1.  We won't see TMac wearing #3 until about the All Star break… which is when he'll be back from microfracture surgery.

Elsewhere:, a Lakers blog, turns things over to a Celtics writer to take a closer look at the Leon Powe situation.  And Loy's Place makes a brief, but eye-opening comparison between $6.8 mil/year back up center Marcin Gortat… and our $4 mil/year starting center Kendrick Perkins. 

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  • Interesstinnggg, Treveor Ariza is going to wear his old number, lol?
    by the way, why are all the teams out west even bothering? the lakers own the west, noone out there can defend kobe bryant, its quuite sad….and one move a team that wants to contend should be looking to do IS SIGNING LAMAR ODOM…OVERPAY FOR LAMAR ODOM…why is nobody doing this? if the lakers lose him, the door ir wide open, if not..pretty predictable outcome…so i cant see why the GMs out there arent doing whatever it takes to get odom away from the lakeshow

  • Credz22

    I love leon but it is a buisness

  • G4L

    Perk is going to sign with the C’s for 10 Million a year

  • FSantos33

    I am with you there man. I am surprised Cuban hasn’t showered Odom with dead presidents and red carpet yet.
    Props for Tracy’s humanitarian effort indeed a noble gesture. Back to basketball for a moment. It doesn’t matter what number he wears poor guy is “DONE”. Good for 30 games a year, Every Year. If this were the NCAA then he is unstoppable.

  • Sal

    If/when the Jazz take Millsap away from the Blazers, Pritchard would be goofy not to go after Odom.

  • I think He is change his jersey because its not a goodluck number for him.