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The Clippers are such teases

Blake griffin summer league Every once in a while, the worst franchise in all of sports… the Clippers… tease their fans with a decent squad.  This might be one of those years. 

First, most people will say they got the only "lock" of the draft in Blake Griffin.  He showed why people think that last night by dropping 27 and 12 in his summer league debut.

Second, they're actually making a serious pitch for Allen Iverson.  And despite his previously mentioned "me-first attitude" that has turned off all but a few teams… he's still capable of generating some excitement and scoring in bunches.

So if the Clippers do get AI, they can trot out a starting lineup of Baron Davis, Allen Iverson, Al Thornton, Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby while bringing Griffin and Ricky Davis off the bench.  That's actually not a bad lineup.  Plenty of defense and rebounding down low… a lot of scoring punch on the wings… some talent coming off the bench. 

Yep… this is gonna be a decent squad for the Clips.  But it's gonna be a decent squad that MIGHT fight for the last playoff spot.  That means the best-case scenario is that the Clips are first-round fodder for the Spurs or Lakers.  People will start to toss around phrases like "turning it around" and "promising future" with this club… all the while forgetting the past failures that followed the promise.

Don't be surprised by some Clippers success this year… but don't be fooled by it either.

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  • FSantos33

    Off topic: Our old friend Employee #8 is in trouble. Now we know what the hell he has been doing. How sad… see below.
    PS: Reds, perfect time for a photoshop pic of A.W. lol

  • mike o

    dont forget about eric gordon hes a young stud

  • Anon

    Replace Ricky Davis’ name with Eric Gordon. Ricky Davis is a joke lol.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Davis is a joke, too. I almost never use lame line’s like “he’s just not a winner”, but that’s exactly Davis. He’s unbelievably talented, yes. But he’s even more lazy, inconsistent, sloppy. He could probably do whatever he wanted on the court, but always dribbles out the clock and settles for contested prayers. Who needs that? He has no discipline to be as good as possible or make his team as good as possible. I wouldn’t have signed him for free never mind the $50+ million the Clips signed him for.
    Hasn’t Iverson proved that for all his skill, which is of course declining now, that he too has rarely ever harnessed it for the best of the team. He takes 30 shots to score 30 points and shows no interest in team play. Those two would be a joke together.
    That lineup is famous, but don’t confuse that with good. They won’t amount to much.

  • Johnny

    They should add Antoine Walker and Darius Miles to round out the bench. Maybe throw in a couple of other players nobody wants.
    The Clippers should just move the team. Nobody in L.A. would take the Clippers over the Lakers.