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The Cavs Are Really Loading Up

It's been a busy off-season for the Cavaliers. They traded for Shaq, resigned Andy Varajeao and signed free-agent Anthony Parker.

But wait there's more. The media is consistent reporting they have interest in other free agents; namely Matt Barnes, Joey Graham, Linas Kleiza and Sean May.

My initial reaction was – how can they afford all these guys? But their payroll is currently $12 million less than the Celtics.

Let's take a look at their starting five and top bench players:

  • Mo Williams (PG)
  • Delonte West (SG)
  • LeBron James (SF)
  • Andy Varajeao (PF)
  • Shaquille O'Neal (C)
  • Zydrunas Ilgauskas (C)
  • Anthony Parker (G/F)
  • Daniel Gibson (G)
  • JJ Hickson (F)
  • Christian Eyenga (G/F)
  • Danny Green (G/F)

Add one of those free agent names to the mix and Cleveland will have one deep roster. While there's still plenty of time for Danny to sign quality free agents, I am starting to worry about the Celtics chances of beating the Cavs next year.

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  • Dee Brown

    As George Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Men’s Warehouse said: “Cleveland will never win a championship, I guarantee it”

  • FSantos33

    As long as Mike Brown is the coach they will choke. Their starting 5 don’t scare me one bit. We have to re-sign BBD and sign a wing guy like Barnes – Look for one more Big by All Star break and stay healthy. The East is going to be amazing coming season. Can’t wait!

  • zauer

    you’re overreacting. We have better starting 5 and the best bench player is on our team. We’re ok

  • Shaq didnt mesh with the Suns, and he wore on them and eventually made them worse..who knows how he works in cleveland, some of yesteryears stars are becoming cancers in the present, and clevelands success is alot to do with chemistry and spreading the floor for lebron
    as far as anthony parker…hmmm, what exactly does he add to there team? another soft guard who cant create his own shot?

  • And your leaving of 3 point sharp shooter “Booby” Gibson. not a bad 11th man. they will be tough

  • C’mon Danny, pull the trigger on Matty Barnes. If nothing else, the guy’s a pure agitator on D and has the toughness we need.

  • WestCoastCelt

    The Cavs have LeBron making “only” $15.8 million and a bunch of serviceable players being reasonably, but not over-, paid. The Celts have 3 (near) max contract guys. I’m not saying one way is better than another, just that explains the difference in their situations.
    The Celts’s guys are 3 future HOFers still playing at All-Star level, but those 3 add up damn quick. The Cavs have the best player (and improving) in the league for millions less than any of those 3. Hey that’s what happens when you draft #1 and the guy works out. Good for them. But what about next year when LeBron’s due his max contract? The Cavs look to be going all out to surround him, hope to win and that will convince him to stay, but he’s still going to demand max money and they’ll have it because Shaq and Z come off the books for a total of $31.5 million. Then, of course, their only big will be Varejao. They should have signed Gortat instead of trading for Shaq.

  • Lakerhater

    Thanks for the salary rosters big mack, this crap is starting to make more sense to me now. Looks like we’re in our balloon payment year this year. Cavs are building an unsustainable payroll for the economy we face over the next few years.
    I still like our chances, and I agree with KWAPT- get Barnes.

  • DRJ

    First of all, Shaq does not improve the Cavs… he’s fool’s gold… way too slow, and presents no perimeter threat. Stupid move.
    If the Cs stay healthy, they’re the best team in the East. Best team in the NBA, for that matter. But it’s all about health. Of all the top teams in the league, the champion in 09 will be a team that avoids key injuries. If the Cs are one of those teams, they’ll win it all.
    Just remember Game 4 of the 08 Finals. Cs overcame a 24 pt deficit, and they did it with Perk in the locker room and Rondo on the bench. Against this year’s “best team in the league”. Sorry, but I don’t think this is even a close call. It’s the Celtics’ championship to lose this season… and it’s all about health.

  • Posey without the guts and brain…but ill take him

  • Yeah, I'd say he has some guts though-he's definitely a tough kid.

  • MattBarnes

    You guys want Matt Barnes. HAHAHAHAH
    Pathetic Suckdic fans

  • Hey, relax, it’s Cleveland, they will f*ck everything up as usual. Anyway we need someone to give rest to PP, if we can gat that man, well I’m confident we can beat anyone.

  • Reality

    The best bench player in the League wears a Laker uniform. Well, only if he signs a contract. lol
    Sheed was a good pick up, but he’s not in the same category as LO.

  • Reality

    I’ll give you best in the East, but if LO signs with the Lakers, they are clearly the best in the league, period. Don’t hate it, just live with it. You are putting a lot of faith in the knees of some old guys.
    And by the way, the 09′ champs were the Lakers. A little slow today? I think you meant 2010. And “the best team in the league” this season beat your team both times this year. Stop living in the past. It makes you look more stupid than it already does. Root and cheer for your team but don’t make lame comments. Oops, too late!

  • Reality

    Not gonna matter what the East does. When LO signs his deal this week, the NBA will officially be on notice. The championship runs thru LA and your tired old celtic legs can’t hang. LA gets better while boston gets older. Great move Ainge! You get my vote for 2010 GM of the year, bone head!

  • Mr West

    Anthony parker is the best bench player they have, everyone else, besides Big Z will get little minutes ,a dn be a amall factor fo them. They do have good Height at the 4, 5 spots

  • Nick

    Anthony Parker fucking sucks..Are u guys kidding me. A straight fucking pussy, a spot of jump shooter who cannot defend Kedrick Brown. Matt Barnes is a potential ticket to the NBA Finals. Please Everyone stop treating Anthony Parker and Shaq like they are good addititons. Pure trash. Orlando is a much better team than them. Toronto and Wshington and Detroit improved more this offseason than the Cavs. Their backcourt is still TINY. And 4 all u Delonte West fans put a cork in it. DWest aint nothing special. We need another big-time addition. Barnes and Cory Maggette are in my dreams right now and I want them both very badly! I’de fear Orlando right now MUCH more than Cleveland

  • zauer

    I totally agree. I ment, we have the best bench player when considering us and cleveland

  • Scott

    Right now it doesn’t look like they are even close to being on the same page in terms of a contract.

  • Scott

    When LO signs his deal this week? Where are you reading your rumors? They aren’t even close to a deal.

  • CAVS RULE!!!

    u got sheed…WOW what a player, i gurantee that shaq makes sheed or the big ugly perkins look like shawn bradley…the cavs are the superior team in the east wit james alone…dont get me started with whiney ass pierce!!

  • The KING

    u have no clue…sheed is broke down and shaq will make big ugly perkins look like shawn bradley!! with lebron alone makes the cavs WAY better than the BOSTON PUKETICS!!

  • DRJ

    Well, the ’10 championships are for the 09-10 season, so nitpick if you will, but figure you’re wasting your time as you did with your whole post. The Lakers barely beat the Cs (with lots of help from the refs) in December, and the next time Boston was already decimated. Sorry, your Lakers can’t beat a healthy Celtics team in any series… I think that was proven in 6/08… and the Cs are now even better with Sheed, while the Lakers got significantly worse by losing Ariza for the likes of Artest… the 2nd stupidest move in the NBA (after Orlando’s replacing Hedo with Vince).

  • DRJ

    And Artest for Ariza is a big step down, even if Odom returns.

  • WestCoastCelt

    I know I should feed the trolls, but LeBron crapped out of the conference finals when everyone was stroking him as if he already one the championship. He pouted off the court, refused the after game conference, wears tees that say he’s the MVP, to check his stats and he’s a big fan of all things NY. He is so image-obsessed he won’t allow a tape of him being dunked on to be made public. And Pierce is the whiner? Of all the stupid troll things I’ve read, that’s really up there.

  • Oops. He’s been added. Thx.

  • Andrew Zuk

    common you can’t be serious? Chemistry? LMAO I so tired of hearing that it bullcrap. You win you have good chemistry period. Shaq is a GREAT addition and will fit in perfectly.
    AP is a Great fit and exactly what the cavs needed based on what left.
    Lets hope they get Barnes and then I’ll say they are ready to compete for the ring.

  • Andrew Zuk


  • Andrew Zuk

    Shaq fools gold? ROFL what have you been drinking? Do you think cry baby from the C’s can score on him in the low block? Please…C’s are the least of the worries for the cavs. And the 09 champ WAS lakers…the 10 champs look to be the same as the 09 champs…Lakers. I hate to say that….but the cavs are STILL the team to beat in the east.

  • JD

    You didn’t really explain why both Shaq and Anthony Parker are great fits. I’ll explain why they are not:
    Shaq will get in LeBron’s way on the offensive end. Instead of spreading the floor, he’ll clog the lane plain and simple. And he isn’t the post threat that he used to be, so on offense, I think he hurts the Cavs more than he helps them.
    On defense, he’ll give them more rebounding and toughness, but he’s not the answer to Dwight Howard. He’s too slow and he can’t play heavy minutes anymore, so while I think the defense gets a little better, its not by much.
    As for Anthony Parker, well, to put it frankly, he’s not much better than Sasha Pavlovic: good 3 point shooter, mediocre scorer at best, and he doesn’t do much of anything on the defensive end. He’ll provide some spacing, but he’s basically Sasha Pavlovic 2.0.