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Kupchak “not hopeful” about resigning Odom


A lot of people think the signing of Ron Artest makes the Lakers a lock to repeat as NBA champions…

… but not so fast. 

There were 2 reasons the Lakers were able to walk away with the NBA title last year:  Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza.  Kobe was Kobe and Gasol did a fine job… but it was Trevor Ariza playing out of his mind and Odom playing like he'd quit weed that really made the difference.

Well, now Trevor Ariza is in Houston.  But that was easily offset, at least talent-wise, by Artest.  But losing Mr. matchup-problem would a big deal.  So these words from Lakers GM Mitch Kupchack can't be encouraging for Lakers fans:

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said tonight he was "not as
hopeful" of re-signing unrestricted free agent Lamar Odom "as I was
Friday." Asked why, Kupchak said, "It's just a feeling you get. You
have conversations with the player's representative and, right now, I'm
not sure we're on the same page."

As that link continues to explain… the Lakers have apparently offered Odom $8 mil/year without anyone else really in the bidding.  I see one of 3 endings here:

  1. Odom will put the bong down, ask "what month is this?  Hooooooly crap… JULY?  I was totally expecting a call from the Lakers.  I should turn my phone on."
  2. Another team will finally come calling and give Lamar enough to ditch the Lakers.
  3. The Lakers will bid against themselves and give Lamar a gigantic contract even though there were no other real suitors.

Knowing what I know about Odom… #1 is the most likely scenario.  But I'm hoping he goes to Portland or something.  A team out West HAS to know that they not only gain by signing him… they hurt their main competition.  Why wouldn't they do it

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  • bigmck

    Holy crap…I bought that same suit at Men’s Warehouse for $99.

  • well…if odom goes else where, it seals the deal that the celts will win #18.
    but…we need BBD.

  • well thats good newz that odom could be leaving.
    but….we need BBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CREDZ22

    I hate Lamar but that suits sick

  • Nick

    I have a feeling that Odom will ultimately end up in L.A, because he is just a pussy who wants to go his ENTIRE career never being an All-Star or #1 or 2 guy on a team. He’s content being Kobe and Gasol’s bitch. Cuban only has the mid-level to offer but I wouldn’t be shocked if Dallas decides to splurge and goes after him. If Dallas gets Odom they are a title contender. Portland if they lose on on Millsap could also get after him. But i suspect he stays in L.A. I also get the feeling Big Baby isn’t going to be back with us. I would like to see us trade him to the Hornets and possibly get Julian Wright but they will probably want to give us Rasual Butler who sucks. Joe Smith or Chris Wilcox would look great right now as the 4th big off the bench if Baby goes. Also..I heard Carlos Arroyo is coming back to the NBA…I feel he would be perfect to back up Rondo, i always have liked Arroyo’s game.

  • As usual, great stuff from Nick. I, like you Nick, hope that we sign Matt Barnes soon. Arroyo I would be skeptical about-Out of the 10 years he played in the league, only 3 of those he played more than 60 games. Plus he’s very inconsistent. Also, possible ending 1 of 3 in this post is the funniest f’in thing I read all day! Thanks John!

  • Ajay

    Lakers have officially taken there offer off the table for Odom

  • JD


  • JD

    (Said in a Montgomery Burns voice of course)

  • Id rather have POWE for the championship run than wilcox or smith, if we cant bring baby back i would rather have a filler until feburary and then continue on with powe
    your always talking about it being a battle and seriously i wouldnt want to go into battle with me first gooden or wilcox

  • Nick

    I am a fan of yours as well. Thank you for joining me in my crusade to get Matt Barnes brought to the Green. I really think the guy is a special role player..Not a star by any means, but special for what we need. Ya i was kind of just throwing shit out there on the Arroyo front, i think he’s decent. I wonder if they are prepared to go with Pruitt or Hudson as the backup PG but i highly doubt it. Another guy who’s available potentially to back up Pierce and K.G is Tim Thomas.He was bought out today. Now T.T is a big-time under acheiver, and he’s never played any D at all… but he honestly does have a great offensive skill set and he was a lot like Lamar Odom back in the day. Now i have no clue if he could be fixed by K.G, Sheed, and Perk boot camp, but he’s a guy who actually said after we eliminated the Bulls in game 7, that he loves how the C’s play and that he wants 2 play for us. He can do a lot of the things Sheed does. I have always liked him. If he was in shape and bought into Thibidoeau’s Defensive schemes he could be a great extremely cheap pickup. But lets focus on Matt Barnes, Big Baby, or potentially my man Corey Maggette first.

  • Nick

    Dude, POWE CANNOT MOVE!!!! He’s has so many fuckin surgeries on his knee that you could beat him 1on1 right now. I get the fact that the guy is a straight up warrior from East Oakland, and that he would probably rescue 10 people from a pool and let himself drown, and that he raised his younger siblings, and that he helps rescue cats from trees, and helps push beached wales back into the ocean. The problem is, as it stands RIGHT NOW. The CELTICS,LAKERS,MAGIC,SPURS,CAVALIERS, and to a lesser extent Portland,Dallas,Denver,&Washington are more or less engaged in a WAR to be NBA champions. Teams are trying desperately to acquire talent and like never before are the top teams in the NBA spending cash and doing absolutely anything they can to get a leg up. Signing Powe costs us a roster spot and dehabilitates us from doing important things with our roster. There are no good-will roster spots. If Leon NEVER GOT HURT, and the Cavaliers offered him more cash, he would be there in a second, same goes for BigBaby. So lets stop with the nonsensical fantasies. We have 1 mission and 1 mission only. Green 18. And soon as we have that, our mission is Green19 and thats how this thing goes. No room for bullshit or sympathy. Cmon now your better than that.

  • JD

    Its less sympathy, more logic. Teams never go past a 12 man rotation in order to win games (usually 8-10). That means there is three open spots for young guys, projects, and guys like Leon. Sure, Leon can’t move now, but why not sign him to a minimum contract, let him be the 15th guy at the end of the bench and see what happens. If nobody else is going to sign him, I say go for it. Chances are Leon will come back strong and he’ll be worth much more than a minimum contract. A 4 man rotation of KG, Perk, Sheed and Leon is deeper than any other frontcourt in the league.

  • Danny make this deal happen: tony, JR, and Bill for Ryan gomes
    it takes care of our backup for pierce problem, and he can play the four in small lineups
    minnesota gets and expiring contracts and two guys that fit there team better than gomes does

  • Thx Nick. You really know your hoops-I’m impressed. Let’s hope to see Barnes or another comparable wing player or 3 in green soon…

  • this would be really dumb of the lakers, they are playing hardball with him, and why? i dont know…re-signing him all but guarantees another trip to the finals, hes friends with ron, he has great chemistry with gasol, accepts coming off the bench to help wi, very versatile, ad by NBA standards is actually probably worth more then hes asking for…..PLEASE SOMEONE ELSE SIGN THIS GUY ALREADY….Lakers will miss him dearly

  • Josh

    Odom went to URI for 1 year when I was a freshman there.
    he bought some herb off of our fraternity….
    old habits die hard
    now pass the dutchie to the left hand side

  • “not hopeful” and “not as hopeful” are not the same thing. The title of the article is misleading and not accurate.