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Big Baby Davis Isn’t Feeling the Love

Glen Davis has been busy tweeting the past few days:

What's going on? Does anybody knows where I'm going to be at? Is it det,Utah,bos,cleveland,

feel good about Rasheed . He'd a great player. I love his energy! I do
feel we will have the most tech in the leauge because perk an rashe

I feel like I'm not has important anymore but when kg was out Leon got hurt I was important , now they don't want to pay me,

You know what's so bad ! You guys haven't seen anything yet! I haven't played my best!!! It gets better!

For all the talk about understanding the business side of the NBA, Davis is feeling a bit slighted by the lack of movement on the Celtics part. I can't blame him. And I don't blame the Celtics either. They are waiting for the market to dictate BBD's salary. It's a smart move.

Editor's Note: I am not 100% sure this is the official Glen Davis Twitter page. In fact, I'm not even 20% sure.

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  • thetitleisours

    Davis should not feel slighted. He forced them to just two years, and he syas this is a business and I am going to explore my options.
    If anything the Celtics should feel slighted.
    Like like the Celts goofed on Leon Powe, loyalty is a two way street

  • Yeah, it’s not a “verified” Twitter page. Who knows. I tell ya though, Bosh really goes all out for his fans-last night he live video-blogged for about an hour and had DHoward and Jarret Jack live via his cellphone. That guy is super-accessible. I wish one of our stars would do that. Anyhow, Marc Stein had this to say this morning, which I found interesting: “I’ve been advised by one especially knowledgeable observer not to be surprised if Delonte West is traded at some point this season, not because Cleveland is eager to part with him but because West is surely more movable from that massive Cavs payroll than Daniel Gibson.” There’s our much needed wing player…???

  • Scott

    If that really is BBD, he’s definitely living up to his nickname…



  • that was pretty

  • Scott

    That post screams intelligent…