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Antoine Walker’s fall continues

Antoine Antoine Walker, who in 2009 made more than $9 million dollars despite never seeing the court… now faces charges in Vegas for not paying gambling debts.

Walker, a three-time all-star who won an NBA title with the Miami Heat
in 2006 and a national championship at Kentucky in 1996, has been
charged with failing to pay back $1 million worth of markers at Caesars
Palace, Planet Hollywood and Red Rock Resort, according to the report.
Under Nevada law, gambling debts are handled as bad check cases.

deputy district attorney Bernie Zadrowski said he was asking a Las
Vegas justice of the peace for an arrest warrant for Walker, 32.
Zadrowski said Walker has paid back some of the debt, but still owes
$822,500, in addition to $82,500 in fees to the DA's office, according
to the report.

I wonder if this is a case of Antoine just blowing off repaying the casinos… or if he's really too broke to pay them back.  Either way, it's just sad.  But not in a "boo-hoo" way.  You'd think after all he's been through… he'd see a lack of a paycheck for this season coming down the road.

And what did he do with the almost $100 million he's made over his career?  Hard to feel bad for a guy who's blowing through all that cash as fast as he makes it.

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  • Tim Thomas got bought out, he said earlier in the offseason he wants to come to boston
    he can play the 3 and 4 positions, but he seems similar to scal

  • if ‘toine’s shot selection is any reflection of his decision making ability, then i’m not surprised

  • I think there’s still hope. Hope is going to take a while, but it can still happen.