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The Demise of A.I.

Chuck - Red's Army July 13, 2009 Uncategorized 5 Comments on The Demise of A.I.


At one time, Allen Iverson was the most explosive player in the NBA. Now, he's having a hard time finding a team.

The problem? A me-first attitude. Rather than seek a short-term, small money contract with a contending team, the 34-year old Iverson wants to go to a place where he can start and get paid. Enjoy Memphis.

Now there are rumors the Heat are interested. Seems like a good fit. D-Wade, a decent team, Pat Riley, South Beach, etc. But Iverson wants full MLE and the Heat are only interested in offering $2 million.

Iverson still has tremendous talent, but he's not going to be "the guy" anymore.

Odds are Iverson will never win a title and judging by what I'm reading, he doesn't give a crap.

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  • Matt

    It’s a matter of attitude towards the game. AI views basketball as a job, not a passion. He didn’t want to sacrifice. He doesn’t care much about winning as much as he cares about getting the most cash. It’s like a much worse story than the one about Derrick Coleman, who in fact was once teammates with AI in Philly.

  • This whole Iverson thing is rather sad if you ask me…the guy has turned into a joke that noone wants..
    Oh, why am i hearing rumblings of sheed needing to change when he comes here? i think some of the media is way overblowing this guys technicals ansd ignores the fact that hes one of the best big men in the league and has a had a very successful career, going on 14 straight seasons of making deep playoff runs, including a championship, 2 finals apperance and 7, maybe 8 conference finals.
    this guy doesnt need to change, and if he does its not going to be KG that does it….I find it rather amusing people think, out of all the people on this team, KG could change sheed…lmao…how? the only person louder, who talks more trash and pounds his chest more then sheed in the NBA is KG, but I guess he will change sheed? lol, if anyone does it will be doc…but the thing people are overlooking is SHEED DOESNT NEED TO CHANGE….

  • G4L

    Yeah I agree with you about the whole Sheed thing. People don’t understand that this guy could have been a Mega superstar if he wanted to be, but he’s always deferred to teammates. If you ask me he’s a more out of control KG.

  • Sheed has sacrificed individual stats for the betterment of his team since the day he entered the league…it took the big 3 10 plus years to figure this out..
    and sheed isnt more out of control then KG imo…he just gets into it with the refs more then KG, I believe KG talks more smack, and generally is much more intense

  • G4L

    To me thats more out of control. KG “kind of” harnesses it & directs alot of it to himself. Sheed goes a bit more nuts throwing fits at refs.