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That was TEN years ago?

ChastainBrandi Chastain’s shirt-stripping celebration happened at the Women’s World Cup 10 years ago this past weekend.

You might be wondering why we care about Brandi Chastain running around in her sports bra 10 years after the fact.  But for those of you with good memories, it’s an excuse for us to post a classic KG commercial.
This goes back to the days before he switched to Addidas… it’s a Nike ad featuring KG and the aforementioned Chastain.

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  • Lex

    The pistons just created cap room for BBD.
    They will offer him a contract for an amount the Celtics have promised to match.
    Tayshuan Prince is rumored to be on the block.
    Danny wants a tall and lanky 3
    Is this all a coincidence?

  • Lex

    Tayshaun apparently makes 10m. So Detroit would have to take a lot of bodies back. So it probably ain’t happening.

  • Orb

    Ha, the second I saw that picture I knew exactly where you were going with that. One of my favorite KG ads ever.

  • Lex

    On the other hand, the Dallas Morning news is reporting that the pistons are trying to move TP to get cap room. So if the pistons like BBD and would take a bunch of the Celtics one year deals (TA, Scal, etc), you never know!

  • No way teshaun is traded for big baby when they turned down an offer from utah for boozer
    wouldnt it be great if we did a teshaun for scal, tony, gabe, jr, bill deal
    and then a s&t with big baby for jr and gabe and detroit buys out scal
    thats probly not allowed under CBA rules, im sure there is a minimum players have to spend with a team before they can be traded again
    but it would be a savvy move by danny if he could pull it off

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    KG needs to be in a movie. I’m thinking a sequel to Double Team with JCVD and The Worm.