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Pistons clear space… Baby offer next?

The Detroit Pistons sent Arron Afflalo and Walter Sharpe to Denver today for a future second round pick.  This move is significant because it now means they have $3.2 million dollars to offer potential free agents.  One of those free agents is Glen Davis.

The Celtics have taken a wait-and-see approach with Baby so far and it has paid off.  Despite how impatient some of us might be with the Celtics right now… they're moving a pace that is working for them.  They made Sheed priority #1 and they got him.  They went hard after Grant Hill and that didn't work out.  Now they're biding their time and looking at what options are left.  There's zero reason to rush with Big Baby since they've got the opportunity to match an offer.  If Detroit comes in with $3 mil. a year for Baby… I'll bet the C's match it.    

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  • hmmm………

  • i think celts would match offer.

  • FSantos33

    What was our qualifying offer to BBD? 2.5 per? I think Dumars will go a step up close to 4 per year then Ainge may not match. Since we took their guy (Sheed) now Joe D might want to take our guy (BBD). Let the NBA Arms Race continue…

  • JD

    Nobody’s talked about this scenario, but what if the Lakers lose Odom and go after Big Baby to fill his spot? I think thats a very plausible situation, considering the facts that Baby would be much cheaper, is younger than Odom, and would fit into the Lakers offense pretty well with his outside shooting and passing abilities. And Baby doesn’t seem like the type of guy to turn down the Lakers in order to be loyal to the Celtics. It would be very weird, but it is also very possible.

  • Lex

    BTW, I wasn’t necessarily advocating TP for BBD. In fact, up further review, I think I’d prefer to keep BBD and then go after Carney on the cheap.

  • Nick

    All i know is that if the Magic are willing to spend money and busts there asses to compete and sign players. Are logic cannot be.. well we just gota stay healthy this year! No fuck that pussy shit. Lets start signing guys or making some trades ASAP. Also, i wanna keep Baby, but he isn’t a guy who I fear going to another team like Rondo or Pierce.

  • Jay

    I don’t see the C’s matching 3.5, unless it’s a sign-and-trade deal in order to pick up a swingman, I just don’t see them matching that one outright.
    I hope I’m wrong, cause I’d love to see Davis back, but I feel danny is really looking at that backup SF spot as far more pressing than retaining Davis. We’ll have to just wait and see, but right now all signs seem to point to waving goodbye to Big Baby. I’ll miss him, but it may be best for the team right now.