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Magic surprisingly retain Gortat

I thought 5 years, $34 million was more than enough for Dallas to sign Marcin Gortat.  But surprisingly, the Orlando Magic are going to match the offer.

An NBA source has told the Orlando Sentinel that the Orlando Magic will match the five-year, $34-million offer sheet extended by the Dallas Mavericks
to Marcin Gortat and thus retain him. The team would not be able to
trade him until Dec. 15, at the earliest, if that's what the team wants
to do.

Every 4 or 5 years, a crop of big men gets waaaaay overpaid.  Then in 2 or 3 years, GM go on a big "how do I dump this ridiculous contract".   I went into that, and other things, when I joined Glenn on The Dugout Sports Show over the weekend.  You can click here to listen to my interview.

Wonder if Dallas is going to look to Big Baby as a consolation prize?

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  • Nick

    This definitely ups the ante here in the Eastern Conference, Howard Bass and Gortat are as physically strong as any 3 frouncourt players in the league collectively. Doesn’t this put the pressure on Ainge to keep Big Baby? Everything is so fucking dead and quiet for the C’s i wonder what they’ve got up their sleeve. I wonder if there’s any shot at them trading Rondo or if their planning something big. U cant just get Rasheed against all these other moves and say everything is o.k now. Where’s the rest of the roster moves?

  • Danno

    I’ll take Beast, KG, and Sheed over Howard, Gortat & Bass any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
    No contest. They lost Turkoglu and replaced him with the corpse of Vince Carter. And they lost Alston.
    Orlando is going to be slow, unable to shoot from 6+ feet and useless. Unless Jameer Nelson has a really strong comeback, I’m betting they get bounced out of the playoffs in the first round this year.

  • WestCoastCelt

    As I mentioned in a previous post (though I admit I’m not sure it works for all parties), the Celts shouldn’t even consider Lue and should aim higher than Moon (no pun intended) and instead swap as many of their bits as it takes (TA, Scal, Pruitt and/or Hudson, Walker and/or Giddens) for Outlaw and Blake. They get two perfect guys for the needs at 1 and 3, plus they free up their roster jam. This assumes a fourth big, particularly BBD, is in the fold. Personally, if I were Portland, I would laugh DA off the phone, but maybe those two can be had for a package of expiring deals and young upside.
    Starting five, then Blake, House, Outlaw, BBD and Wallace. That wouldn’t be an awesome 10-man rotation? Plus two spots with which to still work.

  • Good move by the magic, finally…it also makes the Bass move better imo, more depth in that frontcourt…if they added bass but just let gortat go…lateral move…
    I still think turkoglu was the unsung hero for that team, they will miss him and at best stay the same as last year

  • I would take Beast, Perk, and sheed over Howard, Gortat and Bass anyday as well, but the problem is that isnt there entire frontline and as of now that is our entire frontline
    Youre forgetting Rashard Lewis and Ryan Anderson

  • steve0

    people who think the Magic will be worse for letting Hedo go for V.C. obviously only watched a few games during the playoffs. Hedo is a great player but Toronto will be regretting overpaying for a fringe all star who is inconsistent. He has great skills but playes to his potential one game for every three he doesn’t. Game four of the finals summed it up perfectly he made some great shots to put the Magic up and then missed four straight freethrows that would have iced it (I know Howard missed the 2 right at the end of Reg. but Hedo’s misses were just as bad. The only thing that will be missed is the miss match he created when he ran the pick and roll

  • Kevin H

    Steve0 you have to look at it this way. Are there any Magic fans that would have traded Turkoglu and Courtney Lee for Vince Carter and Brandon Bass if salary wasn’t an issue and they could have afforded to keep Turk? I think there would be few. The magic better get a huge season from Jameer Nelson or they have no shot at going to the Eastern Finals again let alone the Finals.