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Red's Army Suffering, Red’s Army Thriving

The editor of blames a sharp drop in web traffic this May and June to the fact the Celtics exited the playoffs in the second round:

No rolling rally. No euphoria. No heart-stopping NBA finals, sadly, with photo-friendly celebs packing the Garden. No May-to-June buildup for such a record season.

That said, despite a 40 percent dropoff from Sports in June pageviews, we made up most of it with News and Arts and Entertainment.

The reasoning makes sense to me. However, I'd like to point out that traffic on Red's Army is soaring. We attracted more readers in May 2009 than in May 2008. Despite the lack of Finals basketball, June was nearly a wash and traffic for July is on a record breaking pace.

So why the self pat on the back? So I can say thank you to all our dedicated readers who are helping make Red's Army one of the top hoop sites around.

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  • Credz22

    Thanks your a great reliable website

  • I always thought the Globe’s coverage of the Celtics was a joke. Great Patriots coverage, but severely lacking for the C’s.
    Red’s Army is my one stop shop for the Celtics. And Gortat of course.

  • FSantos33

    I check RedsArmy before I check my personal emails. You guys are doing a great job it’s getting better each month. From Celtics news, NBA news, and fine models and cheerleaders this site is growing to be like a fine wine. Thanks guys keep up the great work. Glad to be one of the soldiers on your site.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Me likey RedsArmy!

  • Hey I do what I can.

  • They can’t f with the Army baby!

  • G4L

    Boston Globe… I just want to say Ha Ha!

  • from sg

    kudos from singapore RA dudes. =)

  • FSantos33

    Celtics fan in Singapore, awesome. I have family in Loyang Valley. What part are you from?

  • FSantos33

    I heard on NBATV they are charging $14.95 for summer league games…. WTF!! I guess they will show some games but if you want access to all the “Summer League” games then you have to PAY. This is Bull Shit. Stern can use the Economy melt down as an excuse but this is not right. This is a bridge for Stern to charge us to watch playoff and final games in the future. If you feel the same way then don’t order it. More demand for Stern then he will have other ideas. This is BS. People outside of New England already have to pay NBA season pass to watch our beloved Celtics and now this. Come on man.

  • raichu

    C’s Fan in the Philippines here
    redsarmy is the 1st site i check after i wake up in the morning

  • FSantos33

    Hey John and Chuck I think it will be a good idea to market your website globally
    Have a program where people can click on their choice of languages and translates (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese, ETC. Just an idea but it could go a long way for you guys. Just saying….

  • from sg

    im from the western side of Jurong. been hooked on this site for a while. quirky posts and dumb trolls. pretty nice match. =D

  • thetitleisours


  • DiP

    It’s no wonder. The Globe is depending on a Rolling Rally and Celebrities to get clicks on the sports section?!?! That’s pretty sad. If I wanted content like that I would go to Facebook and look for it. I want to read actual articles with opinions and reporting. Maybe if the Globe made the columnists write more than one article a week instead of letting them go crazy on TV more people would be more interested. Every time I visit the globe sports section it’s 3 day old articles and “let’s point out the obvious” pieces. It shouldn’t be that hard for a paper like the globe to put together up to date quality work.

  • IanD

    Read you guys every day, thank you for all the hard work.
    P.S can you find any more pictures of Natasha the Bobcats dancer?