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Paul Pierce Needs His Rest

Chuck - Red's Army July 12, 2009 Uncategorized 16 Comments on Paul Pierce Needs His Rest

Marc Spears lays out a very good case for reducing Paul Pierce's minutes this season:

During six April games, Pierce averaged 34 minutes, shot 50.5 percent
from the field, and made 44.1 percent of his 3-pointers.

During 15
games in March, he averaged 39 minutes, shot 47.1 percent from the
field, and 37.5 percent from 3-point range.

During 12 games in
February, he averaged 41 minutes, shot 46.5 percent from the field, and
30.8 percent from 3-point range.

During 15 games in January, he
averaged 35 minutes, shot 49.3 percent from the field, and 46.3 percent
from 3-point range.

It's simple. Fewer minutes = higher shooting percentages. But unless Danny signs a capable back-up (No – JR Giddens and/or Bill Walker should NOT be considered to fill that void next season), Doc will be forced to stick with Paul.

Spears also lists a bunch of small forwards available for the $1.9 biannual exception or even less (I'm doing Danny a favor and eliminating a few):

  • Miami’s Jamario Moon (restricted)
  • Phoenix’s Matt Barnes
  • Jerry
    Stackhouse (waived by Memphis Friday)
  • Indiana’s Marquis Daniels
  • Indiana's Stephen Graham
  • Atlanta’s Josh Childress (restricted)
  • Dallas’s James
    Singleton (restricted)
  • Dallas's Gerald Green
  • Detroit’s Walter Herrmann
  • Oklahoma City’s Desmond Mason
  • Golden State’s Rob Kurz
  • San Antonio’s
    Ime Udoka
  • Minnesota’s Rodney Carney

I couldn't find any other reports of whom they Celtics might be targeting. That could change if/when the Boston Herald updates its web site. If I can drag my ass out of bed and update this site by 10:30am on Sunday, the freakin' Herald should be able to get their Celtics articles posted.

Tim Buckley of the Desert News makes the case for Utah to sign Glen Davis:

If the Jazz don't match the four-year, $32 million offer sheet
backup power forward Paul Millsap signed Friday with Portland, they
have at least one viable alternate option.

Boston Celtics restricted free agent power forward Glen "Big Baby"
Davis, and he'd come to Utah without whining about big bucks.

a Louisiana State product, probably could be had for midlevel-exception
money — a multiyear deal starting at $5.854 million, which is about $6
million less than Millsap would cost Utah next season.

My quote of the day comes via the New York Daily News:

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    Clearly, you posted this Pic because there is a great ass in it, and frankly I am happy with this scenario.

  • G4L

    I will never get tired of this picture.

  • Why did cross off stackhouse?
    and leave guys like rob kurz on the list
    this is gonna be geralds breakout year i can feel it

  • It’s person. I never liked Stackhouse. I don’t even know of Kurz.

  • FSantos33

    You just jinxed yourself – Ainge must working on signing Crackhouse – I never liked his game neither.

  • weird beard

    marquis daniels is the best option out there but out of our price range. i wouldnt mind stack on our team, with him we would be the toughest, most intimidating team in the league. Havent seem him play in a while so I have no idea if he’s washed up. i like walter herrmann. he always lights it up in the few minutes he plays. what do you guys think?

  • weird beard

    marquis daniels is the best option out there but out of our price range. i wouldnt mind stack on our team, with him we would be the toughest, most intimidating team in the league. Havent seem him play in a while so I have no idea if he’s washed up. i like walter herrmann. he always lights it up in the few minutes he plays. what do you guys think?

  • haha okay i feel ya; and kurz is a 6’9/6’10 white guy that played for golden state last year and notre dame in college
    hes no better than scal

  • i still think matt barnes is the best option out of those guys; im not high on the jamarion moon bandwagon…at all
    the hawks need some inside help, no? how bout a baby for childress swap?

  • I like Matt Barnes. Tough, physical, good defender, just has that edge that we need. Is also very long and can really use that to get tips, blocks and generally harass the crap outta guys…

  • yea i here a lot of people say his offensive numbers are inflated because he has primarily played in a run and gun style of offense; and then give him crap about his defense without even mentioning the fact that he has played pretty much his whole career for coaches who could care less about defense

  • thetitleisours

    Lets just hope there is a move sooner rather than later. I hate to come out of all this with nothing at SF.

  • papa i just want to say i love the celtics picture on your profile…. good stuff.

  • Matt

    Wait a minute, wasn’t there a recent article that said that the Celtics are interested in Jamario moon?

  • Jon

    OK, so if his #’s are “inflated” to a whopping 10.2 ppg, what are they going to be when he’s in a defensive-first system and not putting up over four 3’s a game? If his points go down and his defensive stats go up, he’s Jamario Moon. Only Barnes hasn’t lived up to his potential, while Moon knows he has to bust it everyday to stay in the league. I’ll take desire over apathy anyday. Granted, Moon is restricted so we probably won’t get him but as a straight player comparison, my belief is they are very similar but Moon is a better fit for the role we need. Doesn’t it say something about Barnes’ supposed toughness and ability that he’s been in the league 6 years, will be playing for his 7th team (if Phoenix doesn’t resign him) and still makes less than $800,000? He got his biggest contract ($3 mil) in 07′-08′ for Golden State and his points, assists, and rebounds all went down, as did his minutes. Were the drop in minutes due to Nelson not liking him or him not deserving minutes? Either way, it doesn’t speak well for him. For what little money we have, he’d be a fine piece but he’s not any better than anyone else on that list (expect maybe Kurz, who I also have never heard of). I just don’t see how some people think if CLE or ORL sign him, they’re suddenly vaulted above the Celtics. Stats exist for his career, and if someone was to actually look at them they show a barely average player with bad shooting percentages. I think people are simply enamored with the fact that he’s tall for his position. On the positive side, I do love the idea of a BBD for Childress trade.

  • Nick

    Wow u have got some serious brass son. U think Jamario Moon is better than Matt Barnes? Thats like saying StepbyStep was a better sitcom than the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You are really upsetting me. At this point Matt Barnes has got to be the obvious choice. Otherwise we are being fucking dumb. Moon has no upside left and he’s not half as good as Barnes The Beast! I could see grabbing Rashad McCants or Rodney Carney because of the upside. But y the fuck are we gona get Moon? Only if Barnes commanded way more money would I go after a scrub like Moon. I’de actually get JGraham or Dez Mason as opposed to Moon. I’de rather let Giddens play over Moon to be straight up about it. Stop coming off as someone who dont know hoops. Matt Barnes = Green 18. Jamario Moon is another Tony Allen, an athletic freak with no fucking game and no handle. Cmon already. Instead of these dumb fucking resign Leon Powe petitions we should create one for the ULTIMATE role player Matt Barnes…God Bless