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Villanueva, Bosh race to 50K on Twitter

I'll admit it… I'm getting to be a bit of a twitter addict.  I know some of you are too *cough* *cough* KWAPT *cough*.

So I'm thoroughly enjoying Chris Bosh and Charlie Villanueva racing to 50,000 followers.  Here's Charlie to explain things:

How awesome would it be to see Chris Bosh doing that?  Imagine… Bosh doing the "Single Ladies" dance on You Tube… but LeBron not wanting us to see him getting dunked on.  I think Bosh wins… because some self-deprecating humor is endearing.  Hey 'Bron 'Bron… take some notes here before you completely tarnish your star.  Maybe Nike should too… before their meal ticket loses his appeal.

Here's the genius of what these guys are doing.  They're marketing themselves as real human beings.  It's a great insight into the personal lives of these NBA players.  It's access like we've never had as fans… and they can still control their message.  They can interact… and on their own terms.

So if you want to be part of the race, you can follow Charlie Villanueva on Twitter here(44,821 followers at this writing)… and Chris Bosh here (44,718 followers).

You can follow me here… I've got 766 followers… so I'm not winning any races. Chuck basically just got started on Twitter… you can follow him here.

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  • Ha ha..yeah, once I downloaded TweetDeck I knew I was screwed. It’s a blast watching Bosh and CV go at it, and it just shows how down to earth these guys are. CV often tweets pics of him with his kid etc. Crazy how technology has given us so much more access to athletes and celebs nowadays. When I was growing up, there was tv and radio and that was it…

  • FSantos33

    I think you and John have a major “Twitt Man Crush on CV” LOL

  • anyone else laugh when otis smith signed brandon bass and he said bass will help the frontourt with his size and defense at the 4 (bass cant guard any real 4)??? lol brandon bass is shorter then rashard lewis, and shard cant defend 3s..
    can anyone figure out why theyre trying to change everything about there team that made the finals? lmao…just dont get it, they got to the finals solely off of matchups, including shard at the 4…

  • guilty as charged