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Report: Celtics Eyeing Jamario Moon


Buried inside Mark Murphy's article on Grant Hill was this tidbit about Jamario Moon:

There still are free agents who interest them – notably restricted
free agent Jamario Moon, a younger player in the Hill mold. But the
Celtics can’t afford Moon unless his price significantly drops.

Their best shot at anyone with a straight-up offer is the biannual exception.

A league source said yesterday the Celtics have investigated
sign-and-trade possibilities with other teams – a scenario that could
theoretically work in a move for Moon, who finished last season with
Miami. The Celts also have expiring contracts of varying sizes to offer.

Make it happen Danny. We'd love to see Moon flying off the Celtics bench.

For those unfamiliar with this game, here's a scouting report:

An outstanding leaper who was invited to the dunk contest, Moon is
dangerous in transition and on alley-oop plays in the half court. He's
also a decent midrange shooter (41.1 percent on long 2s last year) and
foul shooter, so opponents have to play him for that.

They can close out hard, though, because Moon is a weak ball
handler who rarely drives off the dribble. This did help keep his
turnover rate quite low, however. Also, Moon fell in love with the J at
times and would launch ill-advised tries early in the shot clock.

Defensively, Moon is still figuring out what he's doing but is a
strong one-on-one defender. Because of his length he's great at
stealing entry passes thrown by his own man, and he can play power
forward in smallball arrangements (though, at 205 pounds, not in
traditional lineups).

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  • Nick

    Theres just no way we can get him. Wade is not gona sit for Miami trading us Moon for a bunch of shitbag contracts, because it ain’t like the guys gona command big bucks and hurt them on next year’s Free Agent market. Moon will probably get like 2 or 3 years at 3-5 million per season. Which is perfect because Miami can afford him and we cant, and he’s not costly enough where they would just ship him 2 us 4 garbage. This rumor has nothing to it, sorry Moon fans but i’ll bet my life this don’t happen. If we need another fucking pogo stick off the bench lets just sign Gerald Green. This guy is trash we can get much better with our 1.9 bi annual exception no?

  • How about a sign and trade involving BBD?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    How bout a sign and trade with TA and Scal, lets keep BBD?
    Also, wasn’t Moon in the 3-point contest too? So he can slash and dunk and maybe hit some 3’s…but can he be turned into a lockdown defender? That’s really all I want out of our backup wing player, good solid perimiter defense.
    I’d be happy with Moon or Barnes at this point.

  • Moon would be good. Another option, albeit an older one is Jerry Crackhouse. He was let loose yesterday…

  • whoops..typo..

  • not a big moon fan, keep searching danny

  • thetitleisours
  • Fine, we need a competent wing…. but Jamario Moon is nothing special…at all…. his story of playing pro ball over the world before making it to the NBA is the only reason people know him…
    If tony allen could get his act together and stay healthy, hes a better player then moon…and thats saying something

  • nick

    y the fuck would they sign Parker and then Barnes? Danny better not let them do this its obvious that now our 2 biggest Eastern Conference threats, are starting to recognize the importance of signiing Matt Barnes for a title run. Danny is having a real shitty offseason if he lets Barnes go to one of them 2 teams.

  • FSantos33

    I wonder what “Crackhouse” salary situation is after he gets waived? He hasn’t done anything or impressed for years at the same time he is getting old. Hmm, lots of questions about Jerry.

  • Why the hell would Miami accept TA and Scal? They could just let Moon walk and not pay any salary for the upcoming year.