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C’s have the best summer league shooter

The best shooter in summer league history was wearing a Celtics jersey this year.  His name is Chris Lofton. He's also a cancer survivor.

Lofton, the former Southeastern Conference Player of the Year (2007) from Tennessee,
set an Orlando Pro Summer League record for most 3-pointers made (15 of
25), despite averaging just 16 minutes in reserve for the Boston

At 6-2, 200 pounds, Lofton is a too-short shooting
guard who is battling to carve a spot in the NBA, showing the kind of
determination that marked his senior year in college when he played
through radiation treatments following a diagnosis of testicular cancer.

So he's tough.  He's a survivor.  He's a dead-eye shooter who, as the article says, has had games where he's hit 17 and 13 three pointers (overseas).  The C's already have Eddie House, so there's very little chance the C's take a shot at another undersized specialist… but maybe this guy can turn his success with the C's summer league team into success with another NBA squad.  He's a guy worth rooting for.

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  • thetitleisours

    Fazekas did not do badly in his shot or rebounding either.
    Do you think any of these guys will be given a shot to fill out the end of the roster?

  • Trade House + Tony + Scal + one youngster (or any combo of them), get us a solid backup PG & SF, play Lofton instead of Eddie, give more playing chance to Hudson, Walker, Giddens, Pruitt, play Big 3 for 30 MPG.