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Rock an old school Celtics look


On Saturday, Nike is putting out a "Bulls vs. Celtics" retro Air Jordan pack that is an absolute must-have if you're a sneaker head.  Dime Magazine has the details

As part of the larger Jordan 60+ series that’s been honoring all the
games in which the G.O.A.T. scored 60 points or more, this set dates
back to April 20, 1986 when
MJ dropped 63 on Larry Bird and the Celtics.

The whole package is amazing. The box resembles the old Boston
Garden’s parquet floor, and with two pairs – one in Bulls’ red and the
other in Celtics’ green – you can’t go wrong.

The look isn't for everyone, but I dig it.  I want it just for the box.  I don't know what it's gonna cost… but because it's a special edition Nike set, it won't be cheap.  That is… it won't be cheap unless Nike sends me a set to, ahem, "test drive."

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  • They are $225 retail and also have stitching in the tongue with the date he dropped 60+ at the Garden. Here is a link with pics of the “parquet” box etc.

  • Damn those are nice

  • FSantos33

    Don’t mean to spoil the Air Party but I still remember when they came out in 84′ I believe… I could have bought a pair of Air J’s (It was $60 that’s like $150 for today’s market) but I refused to choose them because I am a Celtics fan. Converse Weapons “Black and White” Larry Legends was my treasure

  • I bought my 1st pair of the white on white Jordans in 1985 for $60. I liked Bird too, but his kicks were heinous

  • FSantos33

    LOL – I liked it though. I don’t think good looking shoes came out until the Nike Flights. I had a pair of those too. I usually go against the grain on hype. When people liked Nike I liked Puma’s, when people liked Nintendo I liked Sega (8 bit and 16 bit baby) LOL. When people liked Magic I liked Bird – Making fun of Bird because of his color. I loved his game even more. That’s how I roll.

  • Lakers fan

    ok first of all they banned the jordan 1’s to use in the nba….seconddddd jordan doesnt want that disgusting color on his shoes