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Old school Rondo video

Rajon just posted this old video on his blog of him feeding Josh Smith for a dunk.  Even with the shaky video, you can see it's one of Rondo's classic passes that comes out of nowhere.

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    and the blazers hate the jazz and have tried to overpay millsap for 4 years by about 20 million lol

  • and stackhouse got released by the griz, i wouldnt mind adding him for the vets min, i think he is better than hill, but i wouldnt settle on being the answer either

  • I always thought that was funny that he played with Josh smith….similar upside at a different position.
    anyways something i missed more then anything once KG went down was the new found brilliant chemistry he had going with rondo…there alley-oops were bad ass

  • rondo and josh smith on the same team? are you thinking what im thinking, and no its not wow they must have been really good or fun to watch its they must have had the worst jumpshooting team in the country

  • JD

    well, they went undefeated and won the national championship in their senior seasons, so it probably didn’t matter that they couldn’t hit any Js.

  • srm90

    I don’t think Stackhouse would take the vets min. He wants money.

  • he is making 2 mil next year whether he plays or not; i think at this point in his career he wants a ring, hes not like grant hill
    plus he played with sheeed at UNC

  • thats not surprising when they had two guys that were playing in the NBA within 2 years of graduating high school, im just saying they probly did it without making a single three along the way