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Nobody Knows What The Hell Grant Hill Is Thinking


Update: Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Hill has resigned with the Suns.

Grant Hill wants to come to Boston. No, he she prefers New York. Wait a minute, now he's going to Phoenix. There are 3-4 new stories about Grant Hill and all have him going to a different team.

A source tells that Hill prefers the Suns:

A source close to the situation has told Grant Hill is
leaning toward re-signing with the Phoenix Suns. The 36-year-old
forward has been a free agent prospect for the Boston Celtics and New
York Knicks, among other teams, this summer. The Celtics have been
eyeing Hill as a potential back up for Paul Pierce, a major hole in
last season’s bench.

According to the source, Hill’s concern with coming to Boston is the
decreased role, not the money. He has spent most of his 14-year career
as a starter and averaged nearly 30 minutes with the Suns last season.
(He has never averaged less than 29 minutes per game.) The Celtics do
not have anywhere close to that to offer with the starting lineup
playing the majority of minutes and the recent signing of Rasheed

NBC New York reports that Hill wants to play for the Knicks:

The Knicks, owned by media giant Cablevision, have
been aggressively pushing the way it would help his post-basketball
aspirations, a more lucrative contract now, and the way it would propel
his wife's singing career.

Knicks aren't ready to win yet, but they have things that no one else
can offer him. And that's going to mean a lot,'' said a source close to
the negotiations.

And via Twitter, Gary Tanguay says the Celtics are still in the mix:

of 12 30 last night the Celtics were still working on signing Grant
Hill. Hill''s agent said Phx, NY and Boston all in the hunt.

Your guess is as good as mine. The only thing I know for sure about Grant Hill – he's whipped. For those who missed this yesterday, John did some investigative reporting and uncovered a conversation between Hill and his wife. It's hilarious.

Remember that rumored three-way deal involving the Bulls, Trailblazers and Jazz with Carlos Boozer
going to the Bulls, Kirk Hinrich to the Trailblazers and Tyrus Thomas to the
Jazz? says it's complete fabrication.

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  • FSantos33

    “Nobody knows it but Grant” Stars in this Video.. What a sissy he is…

  • Josh

    i’m thinking that if he has this much indecision then he obviously isn’t putting a championship at the top of his priorities….do we want that mentality around us?
    you take your reduced role and you happily fit it so you can win it all….or you take the $$ and have fun finishing your career somewhere else.

  • Alex

    Grant Hill is an idiot.
    Go to New York – Help your wife with her career.
    Go to Boston – Finally win a championship ring.
    Go to Phoenix – None of the above.