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Grant Hill Staying With Phoenix

Via Yahoo!:

Grant Hill has decided to re-sign with Phoenix, and a large part of the decision is based on the belief that Steve Nash is close to reaching an agreement on a contract extension, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Hill has begun telling associates he’s staying with the Suns.
Phoenix owner Robert Sarver, general manager Steve Kerr and coach Alvin
Gentry met with Hill on Wednesday night and Thursday morning in Florida.

The Suns will also sign free agent Channing Frye to a two-year deal for $3.8 million, sources said. The second season is at Frye’s option.

The New York Knicks
reportedly offered Hill the choice of a one-year, $5 million deal or a
three-year, $10 million contract. Hill also had an offer from the Boston Celtics.Nevertheless, he’s believed to be comfortable with the direction of the Suns to re-sign there.

The terms of the Nash extension are unclear, although one source believes it is a three-year deal worth about $33 million.

Congrats Grant. You and Nash can lead the Suns to 45-win season.


Who's next on the list Danny?

Update: Spears reports Hill received a two-year deal with the Suns worth $3 million in the
first year and a second-year player option for $3.24 million.

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  • Alex

    That has to be the stupidest decision I’ve seen in a WHILE.
    At least go to New York so your wife can become a “star” or go to Boston to get a champtionship ring… But no, they both get nothing out of this.
    Seriously, this guy is born a loser for the rest of his life.

  • Kyle

    Grant Hill can take his Phoenix job and shove it up his ass – he isn’t winning crap there – he’s a bum. Probably scared to come to Boston or NY for that matter. See ya Hill – I’m glad I don’t have to think about you anymore.

  • This year they got lucky to finish at .561, because 3 of the worst teams of the NBA played in their division.
    But how about next year? 45 wins? The Suns will be lucky to finish barely above .500 next year without Shaq.
    Enjoy your losing season with Steve Nash.

  • i am very happy this career NBA loser who cares nothing about winning is not coming here

  • oh by the way
    Phoenix has pretty much already come out and committed to not winning this year
    match made in heaven

  • nick

    This guy just dont have it in him. Donnt be mad at him guys. He’s just a natural born pussy. Its not his fault. His dad played in the NFL, he grew up a pampered little bitch. I for 1 wanted no part of this flaming, no defense, no 3 point shooting, worthless,stinky, smelly, pond scum! Lets start looking for someone else. Someone whos tougher, shoots 3’s better, and plays better D. And doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be successfull. This bitch is the exact opposite of james posey. Y are u stupid Celtic fans clamoring for him?

  • michael

    can I just say MATT BARNES and be done with it. I mean really, there is no other option. If we sign him, it’s certainly harder to match Big Baby offers. I think they’re talking to Barnes and encouraging him to hold on while they figure out what’s going on with BB. c’mon, who would really think Ainge is not talking to this guy? We should be able to get Baby and Barnes signed for 5 million total, then 5 mil to the league. What’s a title worth these days?

  • thetitleisours
  • thetitleisours

    I am interested to see what DA thinks of Fazekas and Lofton. They can shoot, but is there even a tiny bit of D in their game? Maybe for bench players to hold the lead Faz might fit. He can rebound and block shots. Lofton has been crazy from 3-pt land?
    That Kevin Rogers guy is interesting as well. Maybe the search will be from withing.
    But I would take Joey Graham is I could. Anything else is barely better than what we already have

  • thetitleisours
  • nick

    Like your thinking. We can get him for around 1.9 million and the guy is better than Trevor Ariza who got 50 plus mill, WTF does that tell us? The NBA is fucked up and we have got a chance here to get a steal.

  • d

    What about Stackhouse?

  • what are you posting under 2 names now?

  • Rj

    It’s not a fact yet but it’s pretty clear it’s not about championships anymore in pro sports…
    Players in the 3 major sports seem to choose their destinations based on money or weather. Sure, there are a few exceptions to the rule out there mainly clear hall of famers who know about winning and care about legacy. For every one of them there 5 more that are just fine getting a nice contract and being set for life, and we can’t really blame them.
    Can you blame an athlete for wanting to please his family and be comfortable and happy where he plays? We put Grant Hill down because he wont “win” anything in PHX, but i think if you ask Hill, winning a championship while contributing 11 min per game off the bench wouldn’t feel like an accomplishment. Sure, his ring may have been the same size as anyone else on the team but is he “really” feeling like he reached the mountain top?
    Hell no … maybe back in Detroit or Orlando when the teams were supposed to be “his” team. Go ahead and ask ‘Toine and Jason williams, and Gary Payton if they feel like it was “their” team in 05′-06’. That’s like the secretary feeling they’re awesome because of the great business deal that went through.
    Truth is championships matter a lot more to the ownership and fans than the players. In the grand scheme of things whats more important? To make less money and feel like you’re resigning yourself to less time than your worth and be 6% responsible for a championship or go somewhere else make more money and prove to yourself that you can still play and leave the game the way you want…
    If need more proof see…
    JOhnny Damon, James Posey, Mark Teixiera, A-rod, Stephon Marbury, Elton Brand, “ANY” notable nba player that signs with the clippers as a free agent. PLayers on the san diego padres that block trades because …”it’s just too damn sunny” to leave.
    So really if you think it’s so easy to choose championship over more money and more comfort consider your own life …say your company has been very competitive within your market and finally things look like they’re coming together, yet you get an offer for another job at double pay and more benefits that would greatly help your family, are you going to go to your wife and say…gee we could be set and comfortable and stock that college fund, but i just want to be #1 in the market ….no
    so enjoy the special mix here in Boston because it’s rare … what better evidence of that is there than the supposed best [whiniest] player in the league, Prince James, who has yet to win anything …hints at considering playing in Greece…enough said