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Glen Davis Won’t Be Going to Orlando

Via the Orlando Sentinel:

The Orlando Magic have met their No. 1 goal in free agency this off-season: adding a big man. An NBA source has told the Orlando Sentinel that the Magic and free-agent power forward Brandon Bass have reached an agreement in principle for a four-year deal.

At 6 feet 8 and 250 pounds, Bass shores up Orlando's front line,
which had only three players under contract as of Thursday: Dwight
Howard, Rashard Lewis and Ryan Anderson.

We shouldn't be surprised because Magic GM Otis Smith told us he wasn't interested in signing BBD. But you can't blame us for not believing what an NBA GM says during free agency.

This leaves Detroit and New Orleans as the most talked about suitors. With the Pistons working on acquiring Carlos Boozer and the Hornets financially unable to outright sign Davis, I'm seriously starting to think BBD will be back in Boston.

Jason Fleming of Hoopsworld says Charlotte and Cleveland are also interested. But Fleming thinks neither will be able to offer more than the Celtics are willing to match.

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  • In my opinion they got it all wrong
    I would actually take BBD over Bass,who for no apparent reason other then finishing a couple dunks for the Mavs is all of a sudden thought to be better then Glen
    This is good news for us in all, the magic layed an egg this offseason imo
    Got rid of hedo turkoglu who was that teams glue and had great chemistry with Dwight and Shard
    Put another egg in the Jameer Nelson basket (most overrated PG in the league now, playing him in the finals was the dumbest thing ive ever seen) and traded alston and lee for the laughable whince carter (um if this is suppose to replace hedo turkoglu, lmao) got rid of there promising rookie, marcin gortats gone…the list goes on and on on there offseason failures..
    Last years team was a couple last minute plays away from winning the championship and was a matchup nightmare for the entire league….yeah

  • thetitleisours

    I think signing BB would be a huge plus for our future. In the meantime sign him, Joey Graham, and one or two of the new guys playing in the summer games (Fazekas? Rogers?)
    Nice game today!

  • nick

    Im gona have to respectfully disagree. Essentially they added Bass,RyanAndersen,VinceCarter to replace Turk,PolishHammer,and CourtneyLee. They also lost Alston and Battie who werent anything special and can be easily replaced. I think Bass is just as good as BigBaby and he fits with Orlando, the dude is a fucking MONSTER just like Dwight Howard and he’s a bit better than Gortat, much better on offense. Carter&Andersen for Turk&Lee is more or less a wash. As of right now they are maybe just a tad better than last year. 1 things for sure, we would be very wise to keep BIGBABY right now to have a nasty froncourt to battle our rivals, if we keep BBD our depth will be unmatched.

  • Nick

    Lets not get stupid here, we whined and bitched and cried for Grant Hill or Anthony Parker, now they are gona and im hearing some of these fucking imbasils suggest we sign summer league guys and other stupid shit. Anyone who thinks we don’t need Matt Barnes at this point now is a straight up fucking asshole and needs to be treated like one. I mean really, we all supposedly want the C’s to get # 18 but you guys want summer league guys, and Moon, and other fuckin scrubs. Can we just get Barnes already for crying out fucking loud. Other teams keep stacking up why aren’t we?

  • thetitleisours

    Dude, shouldn’t you be talking this way to Laker fans, not to fellow Celtics compatriots?

  • Nick

    Im just frusterated dude. When the C’s lose me and my girl fight..It affects my entire way of life. Makes me miserable and ruins my ngihts. I dont sleep as well. When I c all these dumb scenarios that I don’t feel better us, it just makes me mean and nasty and fucking bonkers. I got love for everyone on the sight, like i said b4 im only 20 years old so im not trying to be rude and get outta line but wtf the guys name shoulda at least been mentioned by Ainge…and now that Parker and Hill are gone nobody on this sight is even mentionig him…Like i said cmon now..Dont i have a legit gripe?

  • otis smith said the magic’s next target is matt barnes

  • fuck i was hoping he would fall to us but it doesnt look likely

  • thetitleisours

    I remember being that frustrated last year when I saw all the decent FA’s going somewhere else. I know what you mean. I am happy that we signed Wallace, but now I am beginning to get impatient too.
    Sounds like your blood is the color green
    Glad to have you an ally against the Faker trolls that come in here too!

  • Nick

    Dude Are u fucking serious? Tell me your joking where does he say that?

  • Nick

    No doubt dude… I wear a different C’s shirt every day im out of control with it and I cannot wait to see Pierce shit all over that overrated bum Ron Artest who shoots 25% from 3 point range. Pierce is gona be fresher next year come playoff time. But I just gota say if not Barnes then who? And y the hell would Orlando need him when they’ve already got Pietrus? They are very similar players. Carter,Pietrus,Reddick,Anderson,Lewis,Bass… where does he really fit with them?

  • thetitleisours

    It really does feel like we are running out of time. If someone else grabs Barnes, then maybe Joey Graham?
    This guy likes him anyway

  • BamaCeltic

    Scal and TA for Travis Outlaw….pull the trigger Danny!!

  • Jon

    Barnes: 6-7, 29 yrs old
    27 min
    10 pts
    5.5 rbg
    2.8 assts
    .68 stls
    .34 blks
    117 3’s (34%)
    Moon: 6-8, 29 yrs old
    26 min
    7 pts
    4.6 rbs
    1.2 assts
    1.08 stls
    .75 blks
    65 3’s (35%)
    Barnes isn’t young anymore and he is what he is: good in an uptempo offense and not good at steals or blocks. Moon, on the other hand, is not as good offensively but actually does something on defense with his height and quickness. For my money, I’d like Pierce’s backup to be able to stop the guy Pierce was guarding so when Pierce comes back in, his guy’s not on fire. I’d be happy with either one, but for me personally, I think Moon’s a better fit.

  • Thats fine
    I think they got worse…Turkoglu was essentially irreplacable on that magic team in my opinion.(although RyanAnderson was a steal)
    Rafer Alston may not have been special, but he was the starter for the team that made the finals, not jameer nelson.
    They got rid of there best perimeter defender in lee
    there best playmaker in Hedo, and a true backup center.
    Until I see Vince Carter fitting in with this unselfish team and runnning an offense like hedo can…theyre worse

  • Oh and without hedo they are not as much of a matchup problem. theres little to no chance they cause cleveland the same problems without the hedo pick n roll

  • Im fine with Matt Barnes at this point, but you still overrate this guy to no end
    theres overwhelming proof right in front of your eyes
    Noone wants the guy.
    …that and I heard he doesnt want to play for a cold weather team.
    Noone fits the bill better then posey…if we added sheed to a team that still had posey…damn

  • Nick

    WOWA DUDE THIS SUCKS..I just got done slamming my fully erect peanus into my car door 4 times. If they have Pietrus and Barnes than wow WTF is are bench gona do with that? those 2 guys are ferocious off the bench and I wanted Barnes to go at Pietrus and Lewis not join them! That is part of what makes Barnes so important, is that he is the perfect antidote to all the top wing players on L.A,Cleveland,Orlando and S.A. Now all I gota say is this right now. Take it or leave it, but its how I feel. If Barnes goes elsewhere, WE HAVE trade some expiring contracts such as Scal,T.A, and some other trash for my 3rd favorite non-celtic in the league….Cory Maggette. The dude is one of the best pure scorers in the league and Golden State would trade him for fuckin Dana Barros..Only if we cannot get Barnes, then we should get Maggette

  • Nick

    First of all homeboy, Barnes is better than Posey or Ariza. Also what do you mean nobody wants him? It takes a few weeks for the chips to fall. Every G.M aint going to just run around signing everyone until the market gets established. Thats especially true for role players. Ireally wana know wtf do you have against Barnes? I really hope your not a baphoon who thinks Anthony (overweight) Parker or Grant(Im always hurt and im pussy-whipped)Hill are better options for our team? Like please tell me whats in your head Y do u disrespect this guy continuously? DFo u not want the banner? Are u an in the closet Laker fan?
    Cmon bro just tell the truth, whos a better fit?

  • barnes isnt better than posey, maybe if you compare them for the price your gonna get than barnes is more cost effective but not better
    anyway yea im actually really into the celtics doing one of either three things right now
    1.S&T Big baby, for someone like outlaw, posey, bell, james jones, gomes, wright & rasual butler francisco garcia, or sergio garcia and dante green, cj miles, or matt harpring
    2. trade scal/ta/walker or giddens for someone like nocioni, maggette, stephen jackson, posey
    3. sign matt barnes
    haha and the slamming your penis in the car door comment had me laughing for like 10 minutes; when i finally stopped laughing i read the dana barros comment and was gone again

  • nick

    ya we might hafta get a s&t going on. I like alot of those guys u named. especially those animals out there in Oakland. I’de love jackson or maggette, very different players but both can be very effective in Green. I don’t think they would trade jackson since he’s the heart and soul of their team. But there could be something going on with Maggette if they could deal with paying an even steeper luxury tax. Bottom line is just sign BigBaby and Barnes and we are the clear cut team to fear and team to beat. This aint a time to pinch pennies just get it done Ainge.

  • yea but its gonna be tough to find the room for the league to allow us to sign barnes, maybe work out a S&T with phoenix for him where we give up tony or walker and pruitt or something?

  • Nick

    Just a completely random question. Y on earth did the Blazers sign Paul MillSap to a 4 year 36 million dollar offer sheet when they could have Lamar Odom for 3 years 30 million? I know Millsap is younger and hes a good post player, but they were frequently matched up in the playoffs the last 2 years and Odom dominates him and Boozer with his length and athleticism. I don’t know if Odom would make Portland a title contender but it gets them pretty damn close no? Does Millsap do that for them? He’s just another good young guy to add to fernandez,outlaw. Odom is a much better fit skill wise also, I don’t know Y Portland is so dumb. They will still be nasty but it appears they are hell bent on staying a young squad and watching there guys throw together.

  • lol….Barnes isnt even poseys or arizas league…sorry man, what is your deal with this guy? he takes ill-advised shots and plays lackadaisical defense, what does it say that phoenix would rather have grant hill back other then barnes playing for the minimum? matt barnes is at the top of nonbodys list

  • dont get too high on ariza, he had a break out playoffs, before that he was the guy that got traded for brian cook
    matt barnes would be a good fit for the celtics, he doesnt guarantee a championship but he would make it easier for us
    and right now if danny got to pick a backup only choosing from the remaining free agents im guessing he would choose barnes (not inluding odom of course)

  • nick

    now u are my friend 🙂

  • Im not that high on Ariza, yet i still know for a fact hes better then matt barnes, so does every other contender in the league who had him higher onn there priority list…hell teams are still begging him even though he commited to houston, yet noone cares about barnes

  • NBA teams tend to get overly excited about a guy, and the reason that the reason he was more heavily pursued was that he is younger and coming off an excellent playoff performance
    tell me matt barnes wouldnt command the MLE this year if he was 27 and coming off the playoffs where he shut down dirk and josh howard; i believe he would; but he didnt have his best year in a contract year so now he is a journeyman
    he is not a bad player he just didnt get lucky and go into free agency at the right time like ariza did

  • oh and ariza commanded more interest than lamar odem and david lee too, doesnt mean he is a better player