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Gabe Pruitt really wants to come back

Gabe pruitt
Gabe Pruitt could REEEEALLLLLY help the Celtics out by emerging as a capable back up to Rajon Rondo.  And the Orlando Summer League is pretty much his last chance to be that guy.  And he seems to be taking advantage of it.

“Russell Westbrook is the best point guard here, but after that you
could make the argument that Gabe is next on the list,” said Celtics
assistant Mike Longabardi.

The problem is… we've seen this out of Gabe before.  I'm starting to wonder if he's the NBA's version of the AAAA player in baseball.  You know… the guy who is way too good for the AAA, but not good enough for the Majors?  He's usually pretty good in the summer league games.  And he's often good in the pre-season.  But then something happens in the regular season. 

Making things worse is his DUI last season.

“It happened at a time when I was getting quality minutes, and then
we got Stephon and I took a back seat,” he said. “It all kind of
limited me. So now I’m taking it careful and cautious. This is a real
big summer for me. I’m just doing what I need to do.

“The only thing I feel I’m doing wrong now is that I’m rushing my shot, but overall it’s been good.”

The thing to remember about Gabe is that he's young.  He just turned 23 in April.  He's been in the league 2 years.  All of us, myself included, get caught up sometimes in wanting guys to just waltz into the league and be ready right away.  That rarely happens.  And when you're Gabe Pruitt, walking into a situation where you're guaranteed to be no better than a back up, it's even harder because you don't get any game action. 

We'll know in a few weeks if Gabe's done enough to get one more chance with the C's.  Personally… I'd like to see him get that chance.  Are we really better off with Tyronn Lue… or another veteran minimum PG?  I'm not sure about that. 

I think Gabe Pruitt has the skills to do the job… and I think the real problem is in his head. 

“Where’s he from?” asked one NBA scout on Tuesday night. “Southern
California? That explains it. I’m from Brooklyn, where they don’t allow
you to be nice.”

I've said it before.  Gabe's got all the skills.  He can shoot, he can pass, he can drive, and he can jump and dunk over people every once in a while.  I'm hoping that for him, the 3rd year is a charm. 

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  • BamaCeltic

    i think he can do the job, Doc just needs to let him play and get the feel for real NBA action…I know everyone likes winning every game and having a great record, but what if Doc played Gabe, JR and Bill during the reg season and actually let them get some real experience?? Sure we might lose a couple games…but we all know it comes down to the playoffs….so I say let these youngins get some real time and see what they can do. How can they ever get comfortable if all they get is garbage time? just my 2 cents………

  • zippittyay

    I concur. Will Doc do that? Not unless he gets a head transplant.

  • thetitleisours

    I have to admit I have lost faith in Gabe. He teased us last year too and then seemed to have lost his head last year.
    And he is still taking and missing a whole lot of 3’s like last year. I just get the feeling it will be a repeat from last year

  • rcry

    He might have the skills, but he just doesn’t have that killer mentality and competitiveness. I don’t know if that’s something that can be learned.

  • You’re right on. It’s his biggest problem. But it CAN be learned. It’s not easy though. He’s can even still be nice… but competitive.
    I don’t know why… but I still have some faith in the kid.

  • thetitleisours

    Itis in our nature as Celtic fans – loyalty to our players