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Sheed likes to Wang Chung

This comes courtesy of last nights guest on "The Two Man Game", Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed. A reader passed this along to her:

"… just ate breakfast at a coney island with 2 police oficers, 3 regulars, and Rasheed Wallace… now that's a morning crew.  Rasheed was whistling to "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" on the radio… unreal"

The link was sent to me in a tweet that said simply "this is what you're in for."

I don't know about you guys… but I think I'm gonna like Sheed's care-free attitude.  I love the thought of Sheed sitting in a diner, whistling along to the radio, not having a care in the world. 

We found out on last night's episode of "The Two Man Game" that Sheed is also a big Apple Store freak.  You can listen to the show, and the 5 minutes or so of "Red's Army After Dark" that was recorded after the stream stopped… by going to our show page.  If you missed last night's show… I royally screwed up the first few minutes of the show.  Might be worth listening to just for my quiet cursing.  After that though, it was a good show.

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  • I think he is going to fit in quite well, we need a little care free attitude in our locker room, someone to calm down all our tense guys

  • charlotte is said to be interested in big baby, sign and trade for bell?

  • I think me might be entering Baby sign-and-trade options. Bell might not be bad. And his deal ends after this year… so it would mean flexibility.

  • Scott

    Good defender who can shoot the ball? I’d be down with him as the backup 2/3…

  • Raja Bell would be literally like best case scenario…love his game..
    sheed singing, ironically at the

  • yea im really warming up to the idea, here are some options i thought of that i think would fit
    charlotte for bell
    portland for outlaw (if they dont sign millsap)
    new orleans for posey (wishful thinking) butler wright or mo pete, im not to crazy about butler or mo pete
    atlanta for williams or childress (by far the most outlandish one)
    miami for james jones
    minnesota for ryan gomes (i can dream cant i) or corey brewer and a filler? although i doubt they need another undersized post, but who knows, they seem to like to gather the same players
    portland for webster? or batum and fernadez? i really hope they want davis we could use one of there players
    sacramento for nocioni?
    toronto for marcus banks and patrick o’bryant lol
    utah for harpring if he doesnt retire? or maybe cj miles and someone else
    plenty of options, much better than scouring the free agent ranks