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Rumor: Boozer to Chicago in 3 team deal

ESPN Reports:

Another major multi-team trade might be looming in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls having discussed a deal that would be headlined by Carlos Boozer and Kirk Hinrich, according to NBA front-office sources.

stressed to that no deal was imminent Thursday and that both
Portland and Utah are still evaluating multiple trade scenarios. But
two sources with knowledge of the three-team proposal confirmed that
there have been substantive talks regarding a trade that would land
Boozer in Chicago, Hinrich in Portland and Tyrus Thomas in Utah.

Boozer is a better scorer… but Ty Thomas is much more athletic… and seemed to fit into what Chicago was doing.  Then again, Chicago has already let Ben Gordon go… and dumping Hinrich would basically hand the keys to Derrick Rose.  Which ain't a bad thing.

This is one interesting offseason.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    And then maybe Portland will go after Lamar Odom to replace Tyrus. The trade and the pickup would make them atleast in the top 3 in the west and bring the Lakers down to their level in the process. I really hope this happens. Heinrich, Roy, Aldridge, Odom and Oden/Pryzbilla is a nice starting lineup.
    And Boozer to the Bulls doesn’t scare me at all. Boozer disappears alot and they lost their shooting guard Gordon so I don’t think it makes them any better. Rose is still an elite point guard already though.

  • they never say who portland has to give up to get boozer, i imagine its gonna have to be a pretty good player, hinrich aint no slouch
    if i was utah id much rather swing the boozer for hamilton deal

  • RedsArmy got mad love from DanteandGalante tonight during C’s summer league game. One shout out from me and another from Dante..

  • Nick

    Great news if this trade happens. Hinrich,Thomas,and Gordon were all very solid for the Bulls in the playoffs. If they lose them 3 and replace them with Boozer,Pargo, and their 1st round picks then they would be taking a small step back but they would still be about a 500 team or a little better if Deng comes back strong. I feel Portland would be so fuckin stupid to not get Odom. He’s 3 times better than Turkoglu, he weakens the Lakers, and he puts them right there with L.A and the Spurs. But no, these idiots are gona let him go back to L.A..if they do then they deserve whatever they get.



  • your caps lock is on

  • This has been one crazy offseason! This site is one of the best iv ever been on! thanks for all the hard work you put into it!
    Lakers Suck! Kobe is a girl!

  • Dumping Booz and his salary and frequent injury bug has to be at the top of Utah’s list of things to do in the off-season. If they can get younger and improve their lifeline, then great… they are not going to win anytime soon with their current roster, might as well get younger and retool for another shot!

  • THAT’S AWESOME!! We’re all over those broadcasts. I didn’t hear it… but I know one guy is from Boston. Maybe he’s a reader now

  • broy

    you have a bunch of gay men as your avatar

  • TheListener

    CHICAGO ………PLEASE TELL ME WE ARE NOT THIS DUMB!(This will be worst than the Elton Brand Trade) LEAVE BOOZER’s ass in UTAH and keep Tyrus Thomas in Chicago! He is only gonna get better! I’m down for a K. Hinrich trade to Portland for Outlaw and Blake……Or Outlaw and Fernandez. DON”T TOUCH TYRUS!!!

  • FSantos33

    Props for speaking out on dumb Bulls management on a Celtics website. We had our own dumb ass moves ourselves during M.L. Carr and Rick F’ Pitino days. I understand. I do agree with you this would be a stupid trade for the Bulls. Boozer is weak, he seems strong but dude is only going to give you half a season and he gets hurt almost every year. Letting Ben Walk didn’t help so what the F’ is going on in Chi-Town?

  • Yeah it was cool. They were also bashing Brendan at CelticsHub who wrote a big manifesto about them the other day. I won’t catch them today as the game’s at 1 & I’ll be working.

  • Jaythe1

    carlos boozer should stay in utah or go to porland because the bulls made to the playoffs without boozer so fuck himm the bulls are as shit for letting gordan go