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Rasheed Wallace Might Be a Starter?

We all assumed Rasheed Wallace would be coming off the bench, but Mark Murphy put the question to Doc Rivers:

Rivers now gets to contemplate the possibilities. Does he start Wallace or bring him off the bench behind Kendrick Perkins? That matter was actually discussed during last week’s meeting in Detroit.

“We did talk about that, and it’s like I’ve always said: We’ll get
to camp and work it out there,” Rivers said. “We’re just going to put
our best five on the floor, as always. But it’s going to work for

“It’s a long season. I hope they all play 20 minutes a night and stay fresh after what we went through last year.”

So maybe that's why this happened so fast. Wallace was told he'll get the chance to start. I want Wallace to come off the bench because he brings more offense to the second unit, something we so desparately lacked last season. Give us your thoughts in the comments and vote in our poll (on the right sidebar).

Marc Spears updates us on KG's rehab via Doc Rivers:

“He looks great. Good to see him walk normal again and talk more, definitely louder and happier. So, Kevin is back.’’

Last night on Sports Tonight, Gary Tanguay said the Celtics were still trying to sway Grant Hill, although a story in today's NY Post never mentions the Celtics as an option. I'm tired of waiting for Grant Hill to make up his mind. The Celtics should give him a 48-hour deadline to sign. If he passes, they then move on to plan B.

In another Post story, Stephon Marbury says the Celtics told him they won't resign him and that he is considering playing in Europe. Cross Dahntay Jones off the list, he's signed a 4 yr, $11 million contract with the Pacers.

The Cavaliers continue to stack their roster. They've resigned Andy Varajeao to a 6 yr, $50 million deal and have agreed to a contract structure with the guy I wanted the Celtics to sign, Anthony Parker. And there's a rumor that sends Wally Szczberiak and JJ Hickson to Charlotte for Gerald Wallace.

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  • G4L

    Hell no! Perk should start for many reasons.. Its more his team than Wallaces. I really dont see any good coming out of this. 1) your going to piss off Perk who you probably want to re-sign. 2) Perk plays best with KG. 3) Like chuck said Wallace would make the second unit so much better. 4) The C’s won a Championship with This starting five why mess that up. Its the bench that needs beefing up.

  • I feel like we’d get murdered on the offensive glass if Sheed started

  • Bringing Perk off the bench would be the worst idea ever.

  • The ‘Sheed presser is at 4pm today, correct?

  • Scott

    There is NO WAY Charlotte pulls the trigger on that deal. Absolutely none.

  • That’s what we hear. We’ll provide a link for streaming and I’ll be transcribing it for posting.

  • 11rings

    Chill out people. I really don’t think Perk cares whether or not he starts. I don’t think Garnett does either. Just because you don’t start doesn’t mean you don’t have a pivotal role in the game. Especially when you’re on the Celtics, who have a long history of winning champhionships with powerful sixth men: Frank Ramsey, John Havlicek, Kevin McHale, Bill Walton, and James Posey. I think the current Celtics understand this.

  • Options are good right?
    ‘Sheed should come off the bench, but I also wondered how they would sign him for less money and fewer minutes.
    It would put more pressure on the starting 5 to score points b/c with that rotation, House is the only bench scorer. If ‘Sheed comes off the bench, the starting 5 can play their usual D focused game knowing that the bench is still a threat with the ‘Sheed + House inside/outside game. Massive generalizations I know but to me it’s just a shift in focus, not a catastrophe.

  • The fact that sheed will even have an oppurtunity to start is moronic…over who, KG?
    NOOOOOOOO, this is ignorant…Perkins is getting better, is a better defender and wallace is at the end of his career and old and isnt a true center…
    this would be a bogus move to start rasheed and basically derail perks career

  • oh and LMFAO
    @ Anderson Varejaos contract
    this idiot is no better then BBD, and is only good for flopping and whining
    hahahaha!!!! 50 million

  • JD

    If Cleveland gets Gerald Wallace for Wally and JJ Hickson, that fucking sucks. I hope its just a rumor and Charlotte isn’t stupid enough to do it. But Wallace would be an absolutely beast coming off any teams bench. I think that would be as significant a pickup as Shaq for Cleveland, because Gerald Wallace is really good and really underrated.

  • Scott

    My thoughts exactly.

  • Scott

    Wallace is one of only 3 players to ever record averages of 2 blocks and 2 assists in a season, which he did in 06-07. The Bobcats would have to be out of their minds to make this deal. It would essentially be cap room and JJ Hickson for Wallace, which is an absolutely absurd notion to me.
    In conclusion, I agree. If the Cavs got him they’d be the immediate favorites in the East.

  • FSantos33

    So far almost everyone is against the notion of “Sheedminator” being a starter. I didn’t like the idea at first but on the other hand why not experiment with it. How do you it won’t work? Try it out see what happens. If it doesn’t work then switch it back. They can do all this tinkering before the season starts. Just maybe we could see an improved Perk if he came off the bench and become the leader of the 2nd unit. Maybe Perk will excel in his new role… who knows. In a perfect world I would like our starting five to remain the same and just buff up our bench. Even the leftovers free agents are running out… Hey Ainge? What’s up?

  • speaking of cleveland you should watch these 2 vid i find them funny

  • isnt wally a free agent? what happened to the rule where you cant include other players in a trade where you are signing and trading a guy?
    apparently there isnt one judging by the 4 team deal including marion and turk
    and now this is rumored, did they get rid of the rule? seriously what happened to it

  • Cool-I'm at work at not sure the cable package here includes ComcastSportsNet…

  • Nick

    Gerald Wallace has improved himself a lot as a player, I remember when he sucked with the Kings. That being said I don’t think he’s anything to put a team over the top, whether its L.A Cleveland,Boston or whomever. Lets the Cavs have him if Sheed,KG,PP,Ray,Perk,Rondo and sign ****** then we will not be challenged en route to Banner 18
    Gerald Wallace! give me a fucking break!

  • I agree. For me it would be better if he plays as a back up for Perkins so that Celtics will still have a role player during the substitution of their 3 stars.