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Rasheed Speaks

Chuck - Red's Army July 9, 2009 Uncategorized 19 Comments on Rasheed Speaks


Here's what Rasheed Wallace had to say at today's press conference:

Why did you come to Boston:

"Because I felt it was a good fit. One of the main things the guys do is
play defense….the bottom line is just to win. There's a good group of
guys…now it will be extra good cuz we are all teammates."

On his role:

"My role is to back up these guys…if Doc wants me to start I will
start, if he wants me to come off the bench I will come off the bench…..2 minutes or 30
minutes….the bottom line is the W. If I score a point and we
win…that beats scoring 100 points in a loss."

Who is more intense, you or KG?

"I have to say I am…because he can control his emotions. everyone knows my
history with techs…I don't think you can match the intensity that
either of us brings to the floor."

On playing in Boston:

"They said it's a sports town….the fans got your back.
When I was playing against these guys, I heard all the remarks, I'm
this and I'm that…but hopefully all those frowns turn into cheers."

On leaving Detroit:

"They (the players) saw the frustration on my face last year, but now it's a whole new world, a new day…I can't wait for training camp."

Wallace will wear #30.

More quotes from the presser and news about KG's knee after the jump.

Regarding KG's knee, Danny said Garnett won't be playing basketball until August or even September. KG said "I'm on schedule to be on schedule…"

Ainge on Rasheed Wallace:

"There's a lot of things I like about Rasheed, but…he's good. He's hit
big shots….his lack of fear. He's been a great competitor his whole

"He's one of the great defensive communicators…It will take him two practices before he knows what he's doing out there"

Kevin Garnett on playing with Wallace:

"I'm excited…we're all feeling like teenagers again. We are excited about
this year. The versatility that Sheed brings…we are going to make the
best of this."

Paul Pierce:

"We had depth issues last year because of injuries…he fits in like a piece
of the puzzle. We are just excited to have him. This was a big piece
for us.

Gary Tanguay starts off the coverage by patting himself on the back (twice) for first reporting this story.I guess athletes aren't the only ones with healthy egos.

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  • i like what im hearing

  • FSantos33

    Good press conference – I think the question was who is the better player between you and KG. Sheed said KG is a better rebounder and I am a better shooter. LOL KG was laughing… Overall I am really excited for next season and all the players are as well. It was really classy of the big 3 to show up to the press conference today. Like Sheed said.. they didn’t have to come. Outside of House… we don’t have a bench… get to work Ainge!!

  • I’m sick of hearing about this being a racist city.
    Everything else was good about the conference.

  • Alex

    I was confused about that as well… Boston is FAR from being a racist city…

  • Alex

    Perkins sucks. Start Sheed.

  • By the way… looks like the Grant Hill reports were wrong.
    Hopefully he isn’t checking the Celtics blog sites this afternoon and sees your comments on him.

  • Don’t worry… we can backtrack with the best of ’em

  • Hold your Breath

    Can’t believe Boston actually signed someone older than Ray Allen. This helps Boston how? And another thug to go along with KG. Maybe they can stand on the sideline and scowl at the other team together and TNT or ESPN can show it like they did this last playoff season. NBA, where thugs happen!

  • Hmm, who said what? I didn’t catch any comments about racism…

  • Lol…no
    Perkins is a proven starting center in this league.. why would he come off the bench, so a 37 yr old power forawrd can start at center ?

  • Just curious, what makes someone a thug in your opinion? To me, a thug is someone who snatches an old ladies purse or stands in front of the corner store selling crack. That’s just me though. KG and ‘Sheed do alot of trash talking, that’s true. Yeah, they scowl at the opposing team- so that makes them “thugs” rather than guys who are passionate about the game and use intimidation as a weapon to take the other team out of the game? Would like to hear your thoughts on that..

  • I still don’t understand why we are a racist city. I mean the whole bussing thing happin like 40 years ago. people need to get over it already.

  • NineSevenEight

    Racism exists everywhere and no race is immune to expressing it, truthfully. LA had its riots and high profile gang wars (still), NYC had its cops shooting a man 41 times, some high schools in the south STILL have segregated proms. Yet, for some reason Boston is labeled as the headquarters for racism, which is unfair, especially being a city in the most liberal state in the country.

  • this guy is more then likely a laker fan, ya know a fan of the team that just added ron artest with kobe bryant and lamar odom? lmao
    yeah way to be hypocritical….ya know when ron artest went into the stands and was punching fans while rasheed wallace did what he could to be a peacemaker?
    yeah sheed is such a thug….
    actually hes very misunderstood and really not a thug at all

  • Yeah, I would say a volatile at times immature person, but not a thug.

  • Pierce mentioned that was one of Sheed’s concerns about coming to Boston. It was in the interview with Greg Dickerson right after the press conference.

  • sheeds one thing is his volatility towards refs, other then that all his teammates have raved about him, hes actually a really good person and great basketball player….he just doesnt have a filter towards the officials, and i think this gets overblown in to him being a thug or bad gang banger, which couldnt be further from the truth

  • BamaCeltic

    cant wait to see Sheed and Ray or Paul runnin the pick and ROll/POP that is gonna be hard to stop with Rasheed being able to pop off and hit a 3…gonna be fun to watch….cant wait for the season to Start!!!

  • Ahhh..I went back to work right afterwards so I didn't hear that part. Thanks for filling me in..