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Grant Hill is whipped, will soon be a Knick

Grant tamia

It looks like Grant HIll is going to be a Knick… and FanHouse says it's definitely because of his wife.

The Knicks, owned by media giant Cablevision, have been aggressively
pushing the way it would help his post-basketball aspirations, a more
lucrative contract now, and the way it would propel his wife's singing

"The Knicks aren't ready to win yet, but they have
things that no one else can offer him. And that's going to mean a
lot,'' said a source close to the negotiations.

I can only imagine how the conversation went in the Grant household:

Grant:  Ok… I think I've narrowed it down to staying in Phoenix or going to Boston. 
Tamia:  What about New York?
Grant: What about it?
Tamia:  What about it??  New York is where the magic happens.  Recording studios… Broadway… a place for a budding singing star like me to blossom!
Grant:  But I… I want to win a championship. 
Tamia:  Aren't you done with your little boy's game?
Grant:  Hey now… I really want to…
Tamia:  'I want this… I want that.'  What about what I want?  I want to win a grammy.  I want to be the next Beyonce.  It's my turn.
Grant:  But…
Tamia:  But nothing… you call up the Knicks and you say yes…. or you won't be "taking it to the hole" for a while.  Got me?
Grant: …….. yes dear.

Enjoy your time in New York, Grant. 

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  • Juan

    Wow, you guys are hilarious! I love the conversation, it’s probably exactly how it went down.

  • Boston Sucks

    Good for Grant. He’s got as much of a chance winning a championship in NY as he does in Boston. Neither of them are winning it next year. Lakers are repeating. He’s a smart man. He may as well make his wife happy because his career is going to end with no rings. End of story.

  • duke boys they are so flammable

  • thetitleisours

    OMG you guys had me cracking up at the office. I had to explain it to others

  • Scott

    I can’t tell if this is a joke or not…I hope for your sake that it is.

  • Scott

    Grant is a born loser. We don’t need that kind of person on the Celtics.

  • The real question is why the New York Knicks are throwing that kind of money at him. Signing aging veterans is a great way to build for future success.
    I can’t blame Grant for going to New York. If you were in his situation, you would too.

  • That was so realistic you would think that John speaks from experience……ugh, I can’t believe I’m getting married in a few months

  • FSantos33

    I am with you there man. The Knicks over bid us by three million dollars per year. It just makes business sense to go to NY.
    What did you think of the BBD sign-trade talk in the previous post? We can’t afford to lose BBD, our bench is already weak. I would love to know what’s on Ainge’s agenda

  • Alex

    I hope Grant Hill went for the money rather than what his wife wants or he’s one of the biggest pussies I know.

  • Nick

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i LOVE IT. Especially for every one of you who was so desperate for him. The guy, and Anthony Parker are both Pussies. I told I told u I told U. So I pose this question now to everyone on this sight. Who do u want now that Hill and Parker are gone? Any one in particular?

  • NineSevenEight

    Tamia’s music has quietly been around for at least 10 years…and they’re just NOW moving to NYC? Apparently she thought waiting until she was in her mid 30’s would be the best time for her to attempt getting her BIG break to reach superstar status.
    More power to the both of them. At least one of them will truly be happy. What Vet wants a shot at a World Championship ring these days, anyway? Plus, those 45 minute flights between Boston/NYC are a killer.
    Have fun with Mr. Leigh Texieira, Mr. Tamia Hill!

  • FSantos33

    Congrats bro – Time to move all your sports memorabilia into the garage LOL Just playing man. Good luck with everything.

  • anyone but matt barnes lol

  • if we make a sign and trade for the right guy it could strengthen our bench tremendously, say we get raja, outlaw, posey back, or nocioni, we are much better off than signing bbd and a scrub to back up pierce,
    it would be perfect if we make the S&T and then bring back powe, and add a post as a fill in until then
    think about that though a bench of a backup point to be named, house, the guy we sign and trade for, scal, powe, and wallace
    either that or bring back Baby and try to get max value on our expiring contracts, either way i think it makes us better
    or we could sign both baby and barnes and all of our problems are solved

  • Thanks man. Actually, I have a photo of the 2 of us with The Chief, so that one is going on the mantle!

  • thetitleisours

    Nick, you may have been rightin your opinions.
    It is your delivery that needs work lol

  • FSantos33

    Of course you have to keep one or two important Celtics items stick it right in the middle of the living room. When was the photo taken with “The Chief”?

  • FSantos33

    Baby and Barnes sounds good to me P.I. but Matt Barnes will have to get a restraining order against Nick before he steps foot in Boston. LOL

  • I’m not up on celebrity gossip or popular music, but I have never even heard of his wife? Am I that much in a cave, or is his wife not really that big of a deal?
    I mean, at least I had heard of Rick Fox’s wife.


    Wow she sounds alot like you guys…
    Reds Army: ‘I want this… I want that.’ What about what I want? I want Grant Hill. I want to be the next Championship Team. It’s my turn for a Championship.
    Grant: But I… I want to go to New York.
    Here’s an idea; sign up AI too, you can have a whole US Team. If the cancer doesn’t spread through Starbury and Sheed, nothing will stop you then…

  • NineSevenEight

    She’s a Canadian R&B singer. She’s had a few hits, but she not a mainstream artist.

  • Yeah im sure the whole Artest Kobe thing wont blow up in your face. good luck with that buddy