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Sheed’s officially a Celtic

Marc J. Spears reports

The Celtics signed the 34-year-old free agent to a two-year deal
using the mid-level exception. His press conference is tomorrow
afternoon in Waltham.

“We are ecstatic to be able to add a player the caliber of Rasheed
Wallace to our team,” said Celtics president of basketball operations
Danny Ainge in a press release. “It is not every day that you can add a
four-time All-Star and a player with championship experience.”

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  • Aingelives

    and so it begins.

  • That’s great! Now we need a backup for PP and a backup PG. I was worried after the Fakers signed Artest, now I’m very confident again. Provided our guys manage to stay healthy through June 🙂

  • quinton ross signed with the mavs, there goes that option

  • Scott

    Who are we looking at in terms of that 2/3 backup? Anthony Parker still? This is a major concern for me. Without decent backups on the bench last year, Doc ran Ray and Paul into the ground and it really showed once the playoffs came around.

  • nick

    who the fuck wanted that bum anyways? Let the Mavs sign him, they enjoy bums like him and Greg Buckner who pretend to be defensive stoppers until the game starts.

  • Nick

    There’s someone I had in mind to back up Sugar Ray and the Truth. he’s about 6’8 and hails from Santa Clara, California. He is the quintesential role player. A perfect blend of toughness, great defense, timely 3point shooting, and a knack for getting every loose ball. He isn’t a pussy who played most of his career in Israel. He isn’t a tin-man who wants to go to New York so his ugly wife can sing. He is just a tough, hard-nosed baller who has battled to become what he is today. Come to think of it. I wish Parker would have been captured by Palestnian terrorist while he was playing for Macabi Tel-Aviv. I also wish that Grant Hill would have checked out back in 2000 when he had that staph infection. I may sound insane, but I just live for the Celtics winning the title, and if they don’t get Matt Branes to round out this squad. I fear we won’t do it.

  • Scott

    I couldn’t agree less. Matt Barnes is NOT a key to us winning a championship at all. Not only that, but there is a very slim chance that we sign him given our lack of financial flexibility and the dearth of interest in him.
    What exactly is wrong with Anthony Parker? The dude averaged 11 points, 4 rebs, and 3.5 asts last year. He’s 6’6″ and 215 lbs. There is no way he wouldn’t be a solid backup to Ray and Paul. He can shoot the 3, rebound, and shoot free throws well.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The cavs are close to signing Anthony Parker… Sorry but our options are quickly drying up and without a solid backup for pierce/ray and also without even a true backup PG i feel like we have taken a step back from last years squad. Big baby is gone and so is Powe, starbury is gone. All we gained was rasheed wallace? How can everyone feel so confident in where we stand?????

  • Danno

    Big Baby isn’t necessarily gone. The Spurs Signed McDyess. That means the didn’t sing Baby, and they were the highest bidders. Which means the only team worth going to courting Baby now is Detroit.
    Leon was gone regardless of what we do.
    and Marbury was gone, but I think we all knew that a head of time.
    So we swapped Big Baby for Rasheed Wallace.
    Not a bad move, as far as I see.
    It’s only July. Tyronn Lue is still available, so is Jamario Moon, Matt Barnes, and a few others.

  • Nick

    Scott, your fundamental lack of Hoops knowledge just makes me sick. I want to Scream right now. Anthony Parker is an offensive player who simply shoots jump shots and 3 pointers. Have u seen him play? He is 3 steps slower than Barnes. Parker absolutely NEVER gets to the rack, you cannot ask him to cover Lebron,Kobe,RashardLewis,Richard Jefferson and other guys of that nature. I dont know why we all Love Grant Hill so much on this fucking site, and then after Hill we kind of clump all these other guys in together. Well all i have to say is, Matt Barnes isn’t just another wing backup.This guy is an excellent hustle player. He would continuously win the Tommy Award and hit clutch 3’s. When I say my prayers tonight I will remember to ask god to have the Cavs sign Parker that overrated 32 yeard old NeverWasBeen, because he’s fucking pure trash and he couldn’t wear Matt Barnes’ jockstrap. How many times do I gota fuckin say it…BARNES BARNES BARNES!I ask again, dud e have u ever seen Barnes or Parker play? Numbers don’t tell the whole story, if we just wana look at numbers, lets bring RickyDavis in here because he puts up points right? Cmon people SMARTEN UP.

  • Nick

    Drying up? The options seem very moist to me at this point. There are alot of wings, some solid bigs.. And my specialty.. a bargain to be had. What about getting Flip Murray to replace Steph Marbury? Flip lights it up I think he would be a decent guy to sign. If he plays like a dumbass, just cut him, good idea no?

  • JD

    Nick, we get it, you like Barnes. You should put up a link to one of your responses so you don’t have to explain why you like him time and time again.

  • please no flip murray, he is a 6’4 shooting guard who cant guard me, we dont need him
    i would like to see us go after ronnie price, ive heard he might be available for the minimum, and if not lets see if gabe can handle the backup first

  • Scott

    I’m pretty sure that you are in fact Matt Barnes himself. Nobody likes him that much.
    And you’re the one that needs to smarten up. If you think he is key to the Celtics winning a championship you are straight delusional.

  • Scott

    HAHA this dude comes on here telling us to smarten up and then throws out Flip Murrary as a viable backup. ahahahaha