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Sheed’s deal is for 3 years

According to the Globe

According to an NBA source Rasheed Wallace was given a three-year
deal, earning $5.8 million in the first year with the mid-level

The final year of the deal is a player option.

Well, it'll be interesting in 2 years when we go through the "is Sheed retiring" dance. 

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  • The more ‘Sheed the better. Great show tonight and great guest. Thanks guys.

  • dont have a problem with this, if it was a 2 yr contract with a player option in year 2 it could end up like they posey situation, we can get him for 2 years, i doubt hes still around in the 3rd

  • i hope this doesnt hurt are pursuit of kevin durant in ’11

  • FSantos33

    Good to have Sheed but he won’t last three years in beantown (2 Max)
    Nobody brought up this player up yet… I am going to throw it out there and let me know what you guys think…..
    BOWEN… Hmmm… Don’t quote me on it but as far as I know he has 4 mill guaranteed with the Bucks but if they let him go before Aug 1st they have to pay him half (2mill) – So, if the Bucks waive him, his asking price is 2 mill.. (I think). Say things don’t go well with Hill and Leftovers maybe Bowen will do us some good.
    I know he is old but I think of him like Sam Cassell. Great locker room guy and can come in anytime to knock down that 3 when it counts and play some D’. Hmm…. Your thoughts. John, Chuck and RedsArmy soldiers.
    PS: Nick take it easy I will take Barnes over Bowen…LOL

  • Nick

    LOL Ya FSantos i would like Bruce Bowen, obv not over Matt Barnes but I kind of like him as a tough vet to guard the other teams best for 10-15 minutes a game. him and Ray Allen HATE each other though, so who knows if that would have an effect, they’ve been in like 3 on court incidents. I think he would be a good 1 year stop gap for Giddens and Walker, assuming those guys are a part of are future.

  • he is old and broken down, pop rested him pretty much 3/4’s of the year, we need two things from a wing right now
    1. to take minutes off of pp and ray for the regular season
    2. someone who can fill in for pierce guarding big threes, like lebron in a playoff series and in the regular season
    he is able to do the latter spectacularly but im making him are third wing puts too much pressure on ray and paul during the regular season, and drives there minutes up
    unless you do what pop did and give him 3/4s the year off and play giddens and walker and just take the good with the bad, but doc has never been the type of coach to do that, he coaches every game like its the 7th game of the finals
    so i would see him as a last resort, actually he is probably a better post season fit than grant hill for the celtics

  • Nick

    Im gona throw out a hypothetical. If we could have 2 out of these 3 players, who would u leave out. Bill Walker,Gerald Green,J.R Giddens. I’de love to bring Gerald back and see if his head his finally outta his ass, cuz man that guy can dunk and shoot. Here’s how I rank our potential backups for Pierce and Ray, only ranking the Free Agents.By the way AParker signed with Cleveland thank god! Better they waist their money than the C’s
    1.Matt Barnes
    2.Marquis Daniels
    3.Bruce Bowen
    4.Rashad McCants
    5.Von Wafer
    6.Joey Graham
    7.Desmond Mason
    8.Rodney Carney
    9.Ime Udoka
    10.Stephen Graham.
    11. Gerald Green

  • Nick

    I know everyone wants BIGBABY back but we really gotta be careful and make sure we have money next year for Rondo or somebody else. That being said I have a few names that we can sign for cheap to round out our Sheed,Perk,KG,Swift fronline.
    Shelden Williams,Chris Wilcox, or Ike Diogu. I really love Ike Diogu almost as much as I love Matt Barnes. The guy reminds me of my favorite NBA player Al Jefferson. We could probably get Diogu for 1.9 million. He’d be a great pickup. Shelden Williams also has something left in the tank i believe and he could be a solid BANGER as the 4th or 5th big off the bench.

  • hmmm….what pursuit of kevin durant?

  • hey nick, how come noone wants matt barnes?
    the suns dont want him back, danny has no interest, cavs couldnt care less about him, and hes a few teams lasy option for minimun salary at 29?

  • oh hes coming

  • Matt Barnes would still be my first choice, im not crazy about anyone else on that list for this team, although i continue to believe in geralds potential, if we could give him some KG motivational and work ethic shots hed be a top 20 player in the league
    i love VON WAFER almost as much as you love matt barnes, but i just dont see him being a fit for this team, he is only 6’5 so he isnt the small forward we need, and he cant guard guys like lebron that he would be asked to coming in for pierce
    however he did do a decent job guarding kobe last year, better than artest at least, no where near as good as battier though
    i like his offensive game though he is a gunner, a good three point shooter, and he can take it to the hoop effectively
    daniels is probly going to be too expensive for us, he is only 6’5 as well but i think he can guard small forwards, cant shoot to save his life though
    bowen is too old
    McCants is too small and doesnt play defense
    Mason cant shoot
    Carney doesnt play great D, shaky outside shot, good athleticism, good size
    the graham brothers have appeared to have given on three pointers as an offensive weapon
    ugh… still hoping for a trade