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Patience Name of Game for BBD

Via Marc Spears of the Globe:

Celtics restricted free-agent forward Glen Davis will probably have
to continue to be patient before he learns where he will be playing
next season.

According to an NBA source this morning, Davis is receiving interest
from Boston, San Antonio, Detroit and New Orleans. San Antonio and
Detroit are pursuing Detroit free-agent forward Antonio McDyess. The
team left without McDyess could immediately turn its attention to

While the Hornets are very interested, financial concerns limit them to only a possible sign-and-trade deal for Davis.

With Davis's restricted free-agent status in mind, the Celtics are
patiently watching the situation knowing they can match any offer sheet.

Would the Celtics be interested in a sign-and-trade with New Orleans? (Click here for Hornets roster and salary info) Who would the Celtics get in return? Julian Wright? Rasual Butler? Hilton Armstrong?

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  • Nick

    Julian Wright is a very talented player. Great athlete and defender. Raw on offense, but we don’t need much offense at this point. He would be like a younger lesser version of James Posey.

  • Nick

    Everything is falling into place baby… The Cavs are getting the Euro-Bitch who should be overseas, Anthony Parker, and Grant Hill seems like he doesn’t want 2 come here because he has no balls. So it looks like Mr. Ainge will have no choice but to get my boy Matt Barnes. A better defender and 3 point shooter and tougher then either one of those guys. I am filled with anticipation for the C’s next move. Seriously thogh why does everyone on REDSARMY want Grant Hill instead of Barnes? Do u guys watch hoops? Is it is name that intrigues you? I get Rasheed but Grant Hill is a poor man’s Paul Pierce. He doesn’t give us none of what we need. I wish for Ainge to eventually take his head out of his ass!

  • thetitleisours

    No matter what I would match any offer for BB and then trade him at the very least. Since we can match maybe we can squeeze a pick out of the team that offered him the $$

  • Lex

    James Posey!

  • Gant

    I don’t think the Celtics like Posey’s New Orleans contract now any more than they did last year.
    By the way my Verizon connection is wounded today and this is the only Celtics site I seem to be able to access. Makes you think…

  • Lakerhater

    BBD and Tony Allen for James Posey.

  • michael

    yes, finally someone else touting Matt Barnes. I spent too much time yesterday on celticshub trying to get someone to talk more in depth about this option. There was a good point brought up about Parker being able to help at PG, but still, Barnes isn’t going to cost much and he is solid D. I like him better than Posey at this point, and especially considering the cost. Maybe Julian Wright, but don’t think we can give up Davis. C’s only have 3 big men as it stands (KG, Perk, Sheed)

  • most people around here wanted hill because it seemed like he would come here while allowing us to give the full MLE to sheed, in principle it made sense we needed someone to backup pierce and allen, and hill would seemingly come here for cheep for a number of different reasons
    including, he wants to win a championship-false, he could give a shit
    he doesnt care about making any more money, he wants to solidify his legacy, as not just the guy who was always injured- false, grants thinking, one more payday? OH BOY!
    he wanted to play for his favorite former coach doc rivers- false, apparently he finds favor in d’antoni’s no defense no accountability stlye
    and finally no team would ever be stupid enough to blow him away with way more money than he deserves-false, they may have rid themselves of mr thomas but they are still the knicks lol
    i was never excited about signing grant hill, i dont think too many fans were, but at the very least it was some relief knowing that at least doc would play him and pierce and allen would get some rest, now im not so sure

  • Number6Rules

    Instead of paying $6m for James Posey, the Celtics got Rasheed Wallace for $6m. Sounds like good work by Danny Ainge.

  • they could have given posey the full MLE last year and then sheed the full MLE this year and be just absolutely stacked