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No really, Ron Artest is fine

Artest lakers
Hey… you can pick whatever number you want, Ron.  But.. uhhhh….   

Artest will wear uniform No. 37 in honor of the number of weeks that
Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" was No. 1 on the charts.

$5 to the first person who can figure out how this guy's mind works.  I'm sure the medical community will match the offer… cuz they don't know either

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  • nba101

    ? He’s showing respect in honor of a great musical artist. Anything wrong with that?

  • domz


    ^^Artest’s musical tribute to MJ….very appropriate

  • Nothing wrong with it. Just highlights his unique style of thinking.

  • He should wear a glove….

  • Not at all. Why can’t you admit it’s an odd tribute?
    We have our own headcase now anyways…

  • I’m guessing that the jersey numbers don’t go up high enough to have the number of families that Michael Jackson had to pay off after he slept with their kids?

  • domz

    why cant u admit you’re hating on ron?

  • Anon

    FYI Rodman wore 73 when he was a Laker.

  • Danno

    The best thing about Ron Artest becoming a Laker?
    There is a decent possibility we might get to see him get in a fist fight with Jack Nicholson at some point.

  • domz

    I wanna see KG and Sheed having a bear fight when things in boston go wrong.

  • I wonder if MJ made Ron a better player like he did for Magic…(dismissive wank)

  • Lakerhater

    now that he has a jersey let the countdown to meltdown begin.
    Danno is right, but my money is on Penny Marshall being his first target.

  • dom1020

    well looks like you’re gonna owe me 5$, reason he picked it was because (i assumed you guys knew) he did a interview on ESPN the day Lakers said they would sign him and he told his fans to post a number he was gonna wear on Twitter, so a fan came up with that, and there you go.
    you guys do paypal or the google thing?